02/23 Latest news about Ankama Live TempoHebdo, Temporis

Three weeks after the opening of Temporis servers for DOFUS Retro, the second Ankama Live TempoHebdo is coming! Djinn and the game teams will be talking about the latest information and feedback on God Iop’s ephemeral experience. But we will also get the intervention of KTA, who will tell us about Goultarminator.

Update 02/23: The live stream is coming to an end after the announcements on Goultarminator.
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DOFUS Retro – Ankama Live Temporis, follow up and summary

As a reminder, a little flashback to what the Temporis adventure was in Dofus Retro. After the success of the Temporis servers in Dofus 2.0, Ankama is trying to reproduce the event in its Retro version, this time around. This announcement did not go unnoticed at Krosmonote 2021, even accompanied by a musical trailer.

Trailer Temporis Retro

A few ideas were then presented and will reinforce the news that will be presented during Ankama Live. In particular, you can find:

  • Passives for each class to make progression fairer
  • A multiplication on experience, professions and runes x3
  • A drop of all equipment on Monsters and Temporis missions
  • Suppressing feature levels in event frame
  • A new field using assets from Frigost 1.0
  • Achievements leading to beats and special rewards
  • Finally, a Goultarminator will stand between servers (so there will be several). The enrollment phase will be publicly reviewed through guidelines, with ground rules covered.

Temporis “Love Glory and Fight” is available from: Wednesday, February 2, 2022.

Temporis weekly meeting TempoHebdo

This is on the Twitch AnkamaLive channel where TempoHebdo will take place with Djinn. But also KTA and team retro. See you on Wednesday, February 23, 2022 at 11:00 for this issue. The program expects the merger of Temporis Retro servers and the announcements of the Goultarminator tournament.

February 23 and TempoHebdo is launched. If you wish, you can take a look at the announcements of the previous issue!

  • We start with a waiting screen and the usual music (which we still greatly appreciate!).
  • Temporis Retro in the program but most of all KTA and Goultarminator. We are also waiting for server merge news.
  • Would you like to get a small trailer from the Retro Temporis servers? “En route vers la walking stick” soundtrack produced by Naheulband.
  • Djinn, Logan, Dusk and Shax (from KTA) are available. The live broadcast is translated into sign language and there are regular English summaries.

What happens in Temporis Retro?

  • A little throwback to Kwoan. Backup server that opened accidentally and suffers from certain issues. Especially the lack of players. Relics have been unlocked to make them easier to access Exotic Challenges.
  • The server merge has been confirmed and a date has been set! There will be only one server named kid. Date: Wednesday, March 02, 2022 !
  • Little information: Temporis server has the best player retention in percent. In other words, Retro Tempo servers are proportionally more crowded than other versions according to the number of players on the first day!
  • Back to French!
  • A few helpful reminders: When you combine, you protect your equipment and characters. All relics will be unlocked (thanks to them!) as Wabbit has already unlocked them all.
  • success of servers DOFUS Retro Temporis also because of many players DOFUS 2 who remains present.
  • The new modification seems appropriate for the Viviparous challenge. It doesn’t necessarily reduce the difficulty, but makes the battle accessible to more players. And especially to more different classes! This challenge is completely optional.

What’s next?

  • Some tweaks to XP potions for Temporis Retro. The goal is for eventually players to have something without being too advantageous when they arrive in Retro. Therefore, the final achievable level will a priori be between 150 and 160. They can probably be used on characters above level 10.
  • Around Shax take the floor to inform us about KTA and Goultarminator.
  • Unlike Goulta’s original versions, there are no individual tests. Guild against guild, team against team! There will be no actual selection, further information will be communicated soon.

Goultarminator, all information

  • Goultarminator:
    • Guild against guild.
    • Only 1 representative per class per guild (optional reserves).
    • 4 teams of 3 people per guild, no membership restrictions.
    • Tournament server, all participants will automatically increase to 200.
    • The equipment will be personal equipment only, so before the tournament it will need to be prepared and FM on the “regular” server.
    • Dragon turkeys and pets are provided, unlimited rest.
    • No trades, no blessings, and no class passives.
    • There is no glutton.
    • 18 AP+MP (total) maximum.
      • So 13/5, 12/6, 11/7 etc.
    • Up to 4th row shield.
    • 7 Swiss tours, independent teams.
    • Crushing Victories: Bonus points if the fight ends before the 8th round.
    • Final stages for the Top 16 guilds (matches will be distributed for viewing by teammates).
    • Tiebreak match in simplified draft (3 players (i.e. 3 classes) ban from opposing team and composition selection from 9 remaining classes in blind selection).
    • Awards:
      • Top 1: Champion Set (Retro) + 1 Year Subscription Package for Champion Guild.
      • Top 2: 6-month subscription package for the guild.
      • and for the Top 3: 3-month subscription package for the guild.
    • Registration: ktarena.com (March 8 at 14:00 – March 15 at 14:00).
      • Guild level minimum 30.
      • The characters are minimum level 150.
    • Character import based on March 16 maintenance data.
    • Matches will start at 20:00 between 21 March and 3 April.
    • Stream scope to be generated by Retro Esports Corp..

It’s over for today, see you on March 9 for the next TempoHebdo connected to DOFUS Retro Temporis servers!