03/23 Ankama Live TempoHebdo latest news about Temporis

Temporis servers in DOFUS Retro are at more than half their lifetime, while the third server Ankama Live TempoHebdo is coming! Djinn and the game teams will be talking about the latest information and feedback on God Iop’s ephemeral experience.

Update 03/23: Live stream is coming to an end like Retro Temporis servers.
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TempoHebdo, then live

This is on the Twitch AnkamaLive channel where TempoHebdo will take place with Djinn. But also from different members of the team retro. See you on Wednesday, March 23, 2022 at 11:00 for this issue. In the program, feedback is expected on the latest information regarding the temporary experience and the end of the servers.

The live broadcast has started and we are following you! As a reminder, the last Goultarminator has started.

Last TempoHebdo of the season

  • The live stream is starting and we start by wishing Djinn a happy birthday!
  • Purpose: To answer questions about the end of the Temporis Retro server. What happens in the end?
  • The answer is simple: characters are deleted, but wins in Tempotons are counted. Items purchased in stores can also be taken back as normal. Only Mimibiotes and Color Changing Potion cannot be recovered. Of course, there is no rental.
  • The experience potion will be distributed until 2 weeks after the Temporis servers are shut down. Its amount will depend on the number of Tempotons collected per character.
  • The more characters there are in Temporis, the more experience potions there will be.
  • Contrary to what was said at the beginning, all potions can be assigned to a single character regardless of their level. So if you have a level 100 character, you can apply all your potions to it.

Other rewards for players?

  • A series will also be offered to players who want to try the DOFUS Retro experience again. You will collect coins according to the Tempoton number of the character with the most in your account.
  • Different outfits can be collected using these tokens. Items don’t give bonuses individually, it’s the set bonus that will be interesting.
  • There will be one set for each element. Only one can be used per account. They are intended to be a material foundation until the day they can buy or manufacture one.
  • The set will be linked to the account, but will not be deleted afterwards. You will have an Amulet, two Rings, a Belt and Boots.
  • If you bought the Valorous Set in-game, it will also be collected. However, you must have collected it first.
  • Server shuts down on March 30, 2022next Wednesday during maintenance.

Goultarminator of Surprises

  • With at least 1320 registrations, the final tournament has begun! A big surprise for retro suits. Because of this, some problems occurred while opening the tournament server.
  • A few questions have been asked about DOFUS Retro updates. Bringing new things also means changing the classic experience that sometimes complicates things. For example, the status of the Henual server is frequently reviewed.
  • For example, traps or Dungeon Farmers add content without breaking the game.
  • The Temporis Retro servers have been a success and a real pleasure for the development team. We can assume that new Temporis servers will appear in the classic version of the game.

DOFUS Retro Temporis, abstract

As a reminder, a little flashback to what the Temporis adventure was in Dofus Retro. After the success of the Temporis servers in Dofus 2.0, Ankama is trying to reproduce the event in its Retro version, this time around. This announcement did not go unnoticed at Krosmonote 2021, even accompanied by a musical trailer.

Trailer Temporis Retro

A few ideas were then presented and will reinforce the news that will be presented during Ankama Live. In particular, you can find:

  • Passives for each class to make progression fairer
  • A multiplication on experience, professions and runes x3
  • A drop of all equipment on Monsters and Temporis missions
  • Suppressing feature levels in event frame
  • A new field using assets from Frigost 1.0
  • Achievements leading to beats and special rewards
  • Finally, a Goultarminator will stand between servers (so there will be several). The enrollment phase will be publicly reviewed through guidelines, with ground rules covered.

Temporis “Love Glory and Fight” is available from: Wednesday, February 2, 2022.