09/02 Ankama Live TempoHebdo latest news about Temporis

After a week of Temporis server for Dofus Retro, the first Ankama Live TempoHebdo is coming today! Logan and Djinn will be talking about the latest information and feedback on God Iop’s ephemeral experience.

Update 02/09 – 11:59: End of the live stream, thank you for following us!
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DOFUS Retro – Ankama Live Temporis, follow up and summary

As a reminder, a little flashback to what the Temporis adventure was in Dofus Retro. After the success of the Temporis servers in Dofus 2.0, Ankama is trying to reproduce the event in its Retro version, this time around. This announcement did not go unnoticed at Krosmonote 2021, even accompanied by a musical trailer.

Trailer Temporis Retro

A few ideas were then presented and will reinforce the news that will be presented during Ankama Live. In particular, you can find:

  • Passives for each class to make progression fairer
  • A multiplication on experience, professions and runes x3
  • A drop of all equipment on Monsters and Temporis missions
  • Suppressing feature levels in event frame
  • A new field using assets from Frigost 1.0
  • Achievements leading to beats and special rewards
  • Finally, a Goultarminator will stand between servers (so there will be several). The enrollment phase will be publicly reviewed through guidelines, with ground rules covered.

Temporis “Love Glory and Fight” is available from: Wednesday, February 2, 2022.

Temporis weekly meeting TempoHebdo

This is on the Twitch AnkamaLive channel where TempoHebdo will take place with Djinn and Logan. See you at the first edition on Wednesday, February 9, 2022 at 11:00. Don’t miss this one, because you’ll have to wait until February 23 for the next one!

  • It’s live. Waiting a few more minutes in the background of music from DOFUS Retro composed by guigui. Always a pleasure!
  • To get in the mood, we start with a sound bug. Almost the entire Dofus Retro team is there and the show is translated live into sign language.
  • Back to French! A few thanks for the enthusiasm of the players as well as the creators.

At the same time, the Change Log is available for a few minutes. Minor patch schedule some technical improvements, bug fixes in dungeons (Hesque Cave, Ilyzaelle, Qu’Tan…), improved Dark Vlad’s respawn rate, and increased drop rates for non-panoply THL items!

Temporis Retro, a critically acclaimed launch

  • Despite the success of the temporary servers, some issues have occurred in the game. Mentioned here are abuses related to sales against Ioptons parts of Sadida temple arches. The fix was correctly applied to the patch, making it impossible for Ioptons to sell purchasable items to NPCs.
  • To fix bugs in Hall of Valor, they had to be embodied for each player. Blops Dungeon NPC’s was due to a bug in classic Retro servers.
  • Currently, the average level of players is around level 79 and the median level is 74. That hasn’t stopped some from rushing to 200 in 3 days.
  • Of the 46,000 fights against the Classic Sponge Mob Challenge, 55% are lost (and we’re responsible for some).
  • In terms of falling difficulty, it corresponds to the Dofus Retro principle: farmer, farmer, farmer.

Merger of Temporis Retro servers

  • For now, although the subject has been mentioned, there is no date. What is certain is that these mergers will not happen this week, the player count is still encouraging!
  • There are backup servers “just in case” at the start of the servers. By mistake, the Kwoan server was opened when it was not scheduled. An unresolved bug at this time to avoid penalizing players who have registered. Unfortunately, they are few in number and may require intervention to help reduce debris, among other things. It’s a situation that will resolve itself with a merger.

Some info for DOFUS 2. As has been said several times, already merged servers May be reunited soon despite technical constraints.

Temporis Retro, Goultarminator and questions and answers

  • KTA will be on AnkamaLive on February 23 to further discuss the end of the Temporis Retro server tournament.

Logan is about to go live specifically to answer questions about DOFUS 2.

  • Kralamour’s openings will be organized, but at the appropriate time.
  • In the merger, Dofus will be retained, and the relics will certainly be “added”.
  • Making changes to classes is not necessarily in the schedule, although there is a follow-up for the time being. Just in case, they remain under scrutiny. Especially for Ecaflip and Sacrier.
  • The elixir level will increase depending on the level of the Tempotons for the experience potion. Level 60, 90, 120 and then 150. In all Tempotons, the elixir will be above level 150 (up to level 160 and above). The goal is that no Temporis player can reach level 200 directly on a classic server. Potions will be accompanied by sets for arrival on classic servers. Each character will receive a potion. However, it is impossible, for example, to use a level 10 potion on a character above level 10.

Side Dofus 2, some porting issues. Changing the machines of the servers in question. They’re stronger now, but the server switch caused some errors, causing transfers to be canceled (and refunded).

Go to the next Update for Treechnid quests… or don’t. everything will depend earth dragon.

  • Finally, a small pod tip. Cawotte bag, Bworky, full power… and we carry it!

See you at the next TempoHebdo on February 23.