147,248 new cases in 24 hours in France

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The seventh wave in France, the Prime Minister recommends the mask in closed places, it is considered defective because the government does not store enough masks… Le Figaro It evaluates the latest information regarding Covid-19 on Tuesday, June 28.

147,248 new cases in 24 hours in France

France has entered the seventh wave of Covid-19. The daily figures of the epidemic confirm this: This Tuesday, Public Health France detected 147,248 new cases, 54.6% more contamination than the previous week. Currently, 15,496 Covid patients are hospitalized, 898 of whom are in intensive care. 37 people died from the virus in the last 24 hours.

Borne, in turn, recommends masks in closed areas and says “confusion »

Elisabeth Borne on Tuesday asked governors and health officials to encourage the wearing of masks.in crowded places” and “indoors“, especially “public transport“In the face of the resurgence of Covid-19 cases, announced Matignon.

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Bringing together the heads of departments and directors of regional health institutions via videoconference on Tuesday, the Prime Minister took into account some of the recommendations made by Health Minister Brigitte Bourguignon on Monday. “Suggestions“without”mandatory character“but while interfering with the incidence rate of which epidemic”almost doubled in one week in all metropolitan France and all age groups of the population“, underlined Matignon. Elisabeth Borne therefore “strengthen prevention messageswith », « instructionswash your hands often», «regularly ventilate closed areas», «wearing masks in crowded places, indoor areas and especially in public transport during rush hour” and “test yourself at the first symptoms and isolate immediately if positive“.

The Prime Minister also asked everyonecheck vaccination schedules“especially the most vulnerable French people over 60”should take the second booster dose“.

State found guilty of not hiding enough masks

French justice is blaming the state for not hiding enough masks prior to the Covid pandemic and is questioning the public management of the health crisis in an unprecedented way, without going as far as the conviction. “The state was at fault for failing to stock up on adequate masks to fight an epidemic linked to a highly pathogenic respiratory agent.The Paris Administrative Court announced in a decision on Tuesday.

The court also decided that the state committed a crime by arresting him.”statements that may have the effect of discouraging the public from using masks“With this decision, which follows nearly thirty complaints from former Covid 19 patients against the State, the justice system is openly questioning some of the State’s management of the health crisis.

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China halves quarantine for overseas arrivals

On Tuesday, China halved the mandatory quarantine period for travelers arriving in China, which has followed a strict health policy since the start of the pandemic but is a major relaxation in entry restrictions imposed by the country that Beijing plays. simpleadjustment“.

China, first affected by Covid-19, closed its borders to foreign travelers in March 2020 to avoid new infections, at a time when the virus was spreading to the rest of the world. At the same time, China had sharply reduced the number of flights from abroad. Beijing has imposed a long and expensive quarantine at a hotel or private center for more than two years to discourage the return of its citizens. Under a new directive announced on Tuesday, the quarantine upon arrival in China has been reduced from 21 to 10 days initially.