156 deaths, 190,762 new cases in 24 hours

UPDATE ON THE SITUATION – New measures, new assessments and highlights: Le Figaro Provides an update on the latest developments in the Covid-19 pandemic.

Boris Johnson sanctioned after parties during quarantine, vaccine coverage still below 10% in 20 countries, forcing United States staff to leave Shanghai… Le Figaro Provides an update on the latest information regarding the Covid-19 pandemic on Tuesday, April 12.

156 dead, 24,692 patients hospitalized in 24 hours

In France, where 156 people died on Tuesday due to the virus, the Covid epidemic continues with all its violence. Currently, 24,692 patients (vs 24,205 on Monday) have been hospitalized, including 2,619 patients who had arrived in the last 24 hours. 1644 patients are being treated in the intensive care unit. 190,762 new cases were detected.

Parties during incarceration: British Prime Minister Boris Johnson sanctioned

Downing Street announced on Tuesday that British Prime Minister Boris Johnson will be fined for breaking anti-Covid rules in ruling parties in 2020 and 2021, prompting calls for his immediate resignation.

Finance minister Rishi Sunak will also be fined for party crimes in ruling circles in 2020 and 2021, this scandal ““party doorWhich government did he shake? At the time, Brits were asked to drastically reduce their social interactions to combat the spread of Covid-19.

The Prime Minister and Finance Minister received a notification today that the police are planning to fine them.“The spokesman said. The Labor opposition immediately reacted, demanding the dismissal of the head of government and the finance minister.

Vaccination coverage still below 10% in 20 countries

The WHO Committee of Vaccine Policy Experts (SAGE) noted on Monday that in nearly twenty countries, mostly African, vaccine coverage against Covid-19 does not exceed 10%. Deployment of vaccines against Covid-19 was carried out quickly”unprecedentedAlmost all countries in the world put the vaccine into practice in less than 12 months, these experts noted in a press release.

However, the World Health Organization head of vaccinations, Kate O’Brien, said at a press conference that 20 countries, which were 34 in mid-January, still do not exceed 10% of their vaccinated populations. Most of these countries are in Africa, the rest in the Eastern Mediterranean regions, Americas, Western Pacific and Southeast Asia. “These are countries that are working really hard to push their agenda forward.highlighted the instillation Kate O’Brien. WHO and its partners, including UNICEF, are helping these countries increase vaccine coverage, particularly in Africa.

Covid in Shanghai: United States is forcing its staff to leave

worried aboutwelfareThe United States announced on Tuesday that it has ordered non-essential staff of the consulate to leave Shanghai amid an epidemic of epidemics and strict confinement in the metropolis. China’s economic capital is facing the biggest Covid-19 surge since the start of the pandemic. To deal with this, authorities are locking up nearly the entire population of 25 million in their homes. But this measure has sparked logistical hiccups as some Shanghainese struggle to procure food.

Another controversial measure: people who test positive for coronavirus, even asymptomatic, are placed in solitary confinement in improvised quarantine centers – sometimes with rudimentary comfort and hygiene. Washington in this contextIt has been ordered“non-essential personnel leave Shanghai”Due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemicA spokesperson for the US Embassy said on Tuesday.

The number of people affected by this decision is unknown, and it was not immediately clear whether leaving Shanghai meant leaving Chinese territory. “The United States has no higher priority than the safety and security of American citizens abroad, including China Mission personnel and their families.“ indicates text. The embassy announced that the American diplomats informed the Chinese authorities.Concerns about the safety and well-being of American citizens“.

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According to Oxfam, 250 million people are at risk of extreme poverty, mainly due to Covid.

Covid-19, rising inequality and war-torn food prices in Ukraine: More than 250 million people worldwide could be pushed into extreme poverty this year, Oxfam warned in a report released on Tuesday. With this huge increase,860 million people who could live in extreme poverty by the end of the year“So for less than $1.9 a day, he explains the poverty-fighting NGO in a press release. “Rising global food prices alone will sink 65 million peopleOxfam says it is in such misery that will add to the 198 million people affected by the pandemic and rising inequalities.

Multiple global crises cause misery to millions” and one “herculean answerThis is necessary, says Katy Chakrabortty, an Oxfam official who has called for debt cancellation and taxation of the rich for low-income countries. Governments in generalfailed to raise taxes on the rich“, duration “billionaires’ wealth has increased more than in the previous 14 years since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic“He’s complaining about Oxfam.

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