25 “comrades” who turned their backs on Vladimir Putin


Did Vladimir Putin miscalculate when he decided to invade Ukraine? The Russian president certainly expected sanctions, but did he underestimate their size? Here are 25 comrades who have turned their backs on him lately:

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1. Western Countries (NATO)

Canada, the United States, France, the United Kingdom and other NATO member states have turned their backs on Russia last week, imposing multiple economic sanctions against Vladimir Putin and the Russian oligarchs.

2. Switzerland

Switzerland, which has historically been neutral in world conflicts, has also imposed economic sanctions on Russia.

3. Finland and Sweden

Two Scandinavian countries showed interest in joining NATO ranks. They also stated that they will supply military equipment to Ukraine.

4. China

Chinese President Xi Jinping, a great ally of Vladimir Putin, has so far remained neutral in this conflict. While it has not joined the West on sanctions, China has also not announced measures to help the Russian economy.

5. European Union

The member states of the European Union came together to donate weapons equivalent to 650 M$CAD to Ukraine, a non-alliance country.

6. UN

Several delegations, including from Western countries, boycotted two speeches Tuesday by the head of Russian diplomacy, Sergei Lavrov, in solidarity with Kyiv at the UN headquarters in Geneva.

7. Sports organizations

The NHL, IIHF, FIFA, UEFA, Formula 1, IOC, International Volleyball, Athletics, Skating Federations and others have terminated their partnerships with Russia and canceled the event scheduled to be held on Russian soil.

8. International Paralympic Committee (IPC)

The International Paralympic Committee (IPC) announced on Wednesday that, despite the conflict in Ukraine, Russian and Belarusian athletes are allowed to participate under a “neutral” flag at the Paralympic Games in China, which began on Friday.

9. Banned Russian teams

Russia’s sports teams have been banned from several sports competitions, including the World Football Cup and the World Junior Hockey Championship.

10. Alexander Ovechkin

The NHL player said last week that he is against “all wars” and that he and his family in Russia are going through “worrying” times. “[Poutine] “My president,” he continued. But as I said before, I don’t deal with politics. I am an athlete and I repeat, I hope everything will be resolved soon. I’m not in control of the situation.”

11. Andrey Rublev

Instead of signing as tradition requires, the pro tennis player wrote ‘No more war’ into the camera lens. “We must take good care of our world and each other. This is the most important thing,” he said.

12. Chelsea Football Club

English Premier League football club belongs to Russian interests. “Everyone at the club is praying for peace,” the team said in a statement.

13. Roman Abramovich

The owner of Chelsea Football Club, who is very close to President Putin, announced that the next day he would hand over the management of the club to the managers of the team foundation he owns. The businessman confirmed on Wednesday that he will sell the club.

14. Apple

On Tuesday, the iPhone, iPad and MacBook manufacturer announced that it is suspending sales of its products in Russia. In doing so, Apple stopped its export to Russia. The tech giant has also limited services like its Apple Pay payment solution and pulled apps from Russian state media RT and Sputnik.

15. Disney

Earlier this week, the entertainment giant suspended the screening of its movies in theaters in Russia.

16. ExxonMobil

American oil giant ExxonMobil announced on Tuesday that it will gradually withdraw from a major oil field in Russia that it operates and will no longer invest in the country.

17. Shipowners

Four of the world’s top five shipowners have stopped serving Russian ports following the sanctions imposed on Russia after the invasion of Ukraine. The three largest companies in the world, the Italian-Swiss Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC), Danish Maersk and French CMA CGM, announced on Tuesday the suspension of new orders to and from Russian ports. World number five Germany’s Hapag Lloyd did just that on Thursday. According to specialist Alphaliner, these four shipowners represent 53% of the world’s shipping capacity.

18. Green Day

The popular American music group has canceled its show, which was scheduled for May 29 in Moscow.

19. Murderers

The American rock band announced that it was withdrawing from the Park Live festival in Moscow.

20. Iggy Pop

The American singer, songwriter and actor stated that he canceled his concert scheduled for July 10 in Moscow. “In light of recent events, this is necessary. Our thoughts are with Ukrainians and all those brave people who oppose violence and seek peace.”

21. Oxxxymiron

Oxxxymiron, one of Russia’s most popular rappers, has canceled six sold-out concerts in Moscow and Saint Petersburg in a gesture to denounce the Russian occupation. “I can’t entertain people when Russian missiles fall on Ukraine, when residents of Kyiv have to hide in basements and in the subway, and people die,” he said.


It will not be able to participate in the Eurovision song contest this year as its organizer is concerned about the reputation of one of Europe’s most popular cultural events after Ukraine’s occupation by Moscow.

23. Gerard Depardieu

The French actor, who has praised Vladimir Putin in the past, urged the Russian president on Tuesday to “stop the guns and negotiate”. “Russia and Ukraine have always been sister countries. I am against this fraternity war. I say: ‘Stop the guns and bargain!

24. Boeing and Airbus

Aviation giants announced that they are suspending their activities in Russia. Thus, the country’s air carriers risk being deprived of spare parts and maintenance services for their aircraft.

25. Anonymous

Famous activist hacker group Anonymous said last week that it is at war with Russia.