4-month Russian occupation, map and assessment of the conflict

War in Ukraine: 4 months of Russian occupation, map and assessment of the conflict

UKRAINE. Four months after the start of the war against Russia, Ukraine is losing territory and fighting is intensifying in the east. The number of people is increasing day by day.

120 days. Ukraine has been at war with Russia for four months. This Friday, 24 June 2022, marks a new phase in the conflict raging at Europe’s gates. For 17 weeks, Ukrainian fighters faced Russian enemies accused of taking control of the neighboring country on the orders of Vladimir Putin. Because what Russia is talking about is not a simple war of political influence or a threat. The Kremlin boss sent thousands of men in 2014 to invade a country where part of the eastern territory, as well as Crimea, was lost and the whole world (or almost) helped. So much so that at the start of this fifth month, a historic decision has just been taken at the international level: the European Union has accepted Ukraine as a candidate for annexation and thus to gain much more protection.

Ukraine is losing ground in the war against Russia

Since February 24, Ukraine has undoubtedly lost ground. However, for several weeks, the situation seems frozen in the east and south of the country. Russia seems to have concentrated its forces in certain areas and has, for now, freed itself from invading the rest of the country. A war of attrition in certain places, such as the city of Sievieodonetsk, where Ukrainian forces had to withdraw after several weeks of resistance, as Serhi Haidaï, the governor of the Luhansk region, announced on Friday (24 June). “There is no point in staying in positions that are constantly bombed for months,” he justifies, leaving a strategic city in the Donbass industrial zone in the hands of the Russians.

Despite waves of international sanctions imposed by the West against Russia, nothing seems to stop Vladimir Putin in his attempt to conquer Ukraine, continuing to strike a ravaged country that never ceases to count its dead and with enormous damage in all major cities. Without the possibility of Russian withdrawal, whose aim was to “seaize” this former member state of the USSR.

Ukraine-Russia war: conflict map

When the war broke out in Ukraine four months ago, this country, which until then little was known to the public, saw all the attention being drawn. The invasion of Russia has been talked about for weeks. But concretely, in which region did the latter take control? While Russia ruled only a third (without official recognition by the international community), it expanded its control over the Donbass, this region of eastern Ukraine that borders the occupying country. Part of this region, especially the city of Dobropillia, still resists the bombardment. After the announcement of Ukraine’s withdrawal from Sivieodonetsk, Vladimir Putin’s men are mainly targeting Kharkiv.

Russia also took control of southern Ukraine, along the entire Sea of ​​Azov and inland, adding Mariupol to its ranks. The tip of the Dnieper is also in the hands of Vladimir Putin’s men, with a symbol: the war in Kherson. Odessa is no longer the stage of war at this stage, even if its strategic port has stopped. The cities of Zaporizhia or Dnipro are no longer the target of the Russian army, which concentrates its efforts in the east.

The colored part corresponds to the area controlled by the Russian forces.
The colored part corresponds to the area controlled by the Russian forces. © Ministry of the Armed Forces

What will be the outcome of the war between Ukraine and Russia?

In the four-month war, the human cost of the conflict is particularly heavy. According to the United Nations, which tries to make a daily assessment, 4,677 civilians have been killed since the beginning of the conflictIncluding 4356 adults and 321 children. A balance sheet that includes only civilian casualties and not military casualties. However, the UN believes that “actual figures are quite high, as reports from some areas of intense fighting have been delayed and many reports are still waiting to be ratified”. On the military side, official figures were not disclosed. RFI Ukraine reported that between 15 and 20,000 Russian soldiers had been killed since the beginning of the conflict, while losing a hundred men, or ten thousand, a day.