440 cases, 100+ new, status updates including one child

Verified by journalist Guillaume Tabbara on 29/06/2022

Monkeypox: 440 cases, 100+ new, including one child, updates on the situation

Monkeypox continues to advance in France and around the world. Public Health France He announced that the bar of 400 cases has been exceeded. The first child was infected with the virus. Update on status.

440 cases in France

440 cases or 110 new patients in 5 days. the last report Public Health France 330 patients reported. In the latest report, there was a first woman among those affected, her partner said she had a rash 3 weeks ago.

As of now, the press release presents the contagion of the first child to study in Ile-de-France. Another infantile case is suspected within the same siblings.

No deaths have been identified outside of the endemic areas, particularly in Central and West Africa. Worldwide, the WHO has identified more than 3,200 cases of Monkeypox.

Where does the Monkeypox roam?

As of 28 June, SPF therefore detects no less than 440 cases, mostly in Ile-de-France. The place where the first case was detected in France was also in the Ile-de-France region. Occitania is the second most affected region with 30 cases.

Here is a detailed summary by region:

  • 312 in Ile-de-France,
  • 30 in Occitania,
  • 29 in Auvergne-Rhone-Alpes,
  • 21 In New Aquitaine,
  • 16 in Hauts-de-France and PACA,
  • 7 in Normandy,
  • 3 in Brittany and Grand-Est,
  • Number 1 in Centre-Val de Loire, Bourgogne-Franche-Comté and Pays de la Loire.

More than 250 patients investigated

As previously stated, 258 patients were studied. For the majority, overseas travel is recorded before the onset of symptoms.

However, there is no mention of any trips to areas where the virus is actively circulating, while those concerned cannot identify the source of their contamination. The destinations of these trips are mainly Europe, especially Spain.

Among the cases reviewed:

  • 74% showed genito-anal eruption,
  • 72% redness in another part of the body,
  • 70% fever,
  • 72% of adenopathies.

WHO did not declare a state of emergency

L’world Health Organization The emergency committee met last Thursday. WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom was responsible for deciding on a potential “international emergency”.

Experts have not made this decision, but argue that the situation is alarming and should be taken seriously. Had this decision been taken, i.e. an international public health emergency, that is, the highest level of health surveillance had been declared, Monkeypox would have joined Ebola and Covid-19, the only pathologies classified in this ranking in the last 5 years. years.

Tedros Adhanom does not exclude that a new meeting will be held soon.

Are we going to mass vaccination?

To date, vaccination against monkeypox has been targeted. Only contact cases where vaccination is deemed necessary, i.e. contact is deemed to be “at risk”, may receive the injection.

Targeted vaccination and mass injections still do not seem to be the solution, WHO says, as the world has experienced with the coronavirus. “The situation is unusual and worrying.”He announced Tedros Adhanom, who also called on countries to be vigilant and transparent.

Monkeypox will change its name

WHO is currently working to rename monkeypox. The general manager of the organization said: We will make announcements about the new names as soon as possible.”

He did not specify the reasons for this name change, but the misleading and discriminatory nature of “monkey flower” is certainly in question.

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