4th dose of vaccine: What is this email from Social Security to millions of French?

The Covid-19 outbreak is looming in the Seine-Maritime and across the region.
The vaccination campaign for the 2nd booster dose of the vaccine is not going fast enough, according to the government. (©Archive/AF/76actu)

Health officials have been realizing this for several weeks, the Covid-19 outbreak Gaining ground again in France.

In this case, the Ministry of Health urges eligible persons to continue their second booster dose “without delay” in general. 4th dose of vaccine. This was also the final recommendation of the Science Council.

Why is it rising again?

Contaminations are increasing with the prevalence of Omicron BA.4 and particularly the more contagious sub-variants of BA.5. A situation more favored by the end of restrictive measures and a context conducive to social gatherings and thus relaxation of one another’s vigilance (summer).

Another reason is that some people’s immunity begins to wane as they move away from their last vaccine, the Kovid-19 vaccine.

But the virus is still there, and all these combined conditions make it easy to spread. According to the French Public Health data, as of 28 June 2022, Nearly 150,000 new cases confirmed in 24 hours (with weekend summary, Editor’s note), an increase of approximately 54.6% in 7 days. The incidence rate is 731.7 cases per 100,000 people on June 23, representing an increase of approximately 53% in 7 days.

“This vaccination campaign is not going fast enough”

In this regard, the government invites to limit breakage in summer and highly recommends the 2nd booster dose for millions who are eligible : the oldest, most fragile and immunocompromised people.

No obligation at this time, just a recommendationAs the Ministry of Health explained at a health point recently, “this vaccination campaign is not going fast enough and we need to speed up to have a quiet summer and autumn”.

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A new action plan

As of 21 June 2022, Of the 8.7 million eligible at the time, 2.18 million people benefited from this 2nd reminder. Therefore, “inadequate” for the Ministry of Health working on a new action plan.

The Ministry of Health said that in early May, 1.5 million emails were sent to people aged 80 and over “to notify them of the need for a second reminder” through Health Insurance.

At the same time, we sent 8.5 million additional emails to young people aged 60-79. Based on the numbers we are moving forward, we will step up this special information campaign and an action plan is being developed to increase the 2nd reminder.

Ministry of Health

Normally, if you are affected by this vaccination reminder, you should have also seen an informational message in your personal Health Insurance account on Ameli.fr. The ministry added that TV and radio spots are also broadcast and an additional campaign will be carried out for health workers.

10 million emails will be sent soon

According to our knowledge, this new notification from the government will soon be sent to the appropriate people mainly via email.

About 10 million emails will be sentto approve news.fr Without discrimination between people who have been vaccinated before by the Ministry of Health, through health insurance. »

Healthcare professionals (doctors, pharmacists, nurses) will also always receive an email recommending a 2nd booster dose. through health insurance.

Accurate information for healthcare professionals is indeed a key element of the success of the second recall campaign.

Ministry of Health

An information campaign will also be launched in nursing homes “with facility managers, patient associations, health professionals, the general public, as well as at-risk people and those around them.”

Who can be vaccinated as a 2nd booster dose?

The following are currently eligible for this 2nd booster dose, which is usually the 4th dose of vaccine: severely immunocompromised and people aged 80 and over and those living in a nursing home or long-term care unit (3 months between the first and 2nd reminder); Persons aged 60 to 79 years, with or without comorbidities (6 months between first and 2nd reminder or last Covid infection).

To calculate the 2nd vaccination reminder date, Health Insurance offers an online simulator.

for now,The Ministry of Health does not plan to expand the possibility of a 2nd dose booster to other masses, nor make it mandatory.

Note that an appointment can be made with a healthcare professional near you or at www.sante.fr for the 2nd booster dose.

What to expect after summer?

It is a situation that can change according to the evolution of the health status. Especially since the start of the school year in September and the arrival of autumn, a new outbreak of epidemics can be observed, as we have experienced before.

Professor Alain Fischer estimates, without delay, that the 4th dose is therefore of interest for “the elderly and frail, those most at risk of developing a severe form of Covid-19, and those with less robust immunity than younger people”.

People who benefited from a second booster, “from severe forms for the coming months, through fall, had predicted the chairman of the Council for Steering Vaccine strategy at a health point on June 21.

On Tuesday, June 28, the Prime Minister, convening ARS governors and administrators, recommended re-wearing the mask in closed and “random” places and on public transport, noted Matignon as the day’s recommendation. In the presence of the Minister of Health, Brigitte Bourguignon.

And if the situation worsens, the government may take further action. A new draft health law should be submitted and reviewed in July, making it possible to maintain a “health monitoring and safety system” until March 2023. The current text is valid until 31 July 2022.

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