5 actions of the Equality Department


Changing the perspective of women starting from middle school

It is a fact to observe that stereotypes and inequalities between men and women continue in 2022. To change attitudes and practicesWe should immediately question these image constructs that make women and their roles in society invisible. At the earliest, school. That’s why the Department is presenting teachers this year Two study paths at Maine-et-Loire colleges. With “equality as a whole program” and “women figures”, students learn to question their own stereotypes and explore the role of “forgotten” women in history through workshops and meetings.

On International Women’s Day, students of the route “female figures will attend the screening ofEugenie Grandet” and they will present their end of route achievements in the presence of Florence DabinHead of the Maine-et-Loire Division.

Chapter Houses of Solidarity, an important relay

They are not just places of reception, information and referral for all questions regarding health, housing, family, your budget or integration. Departmental Solidarity Houses are also actors on gender equality. For example, since 2021, MDS Angers Sud, together with her people, has spearheaded a series of initiatives to make equality “everyday and all life”: interventions at school, emotional and love life forum and even at the “Acting against discrimination” conference and for gender equality ” On March 24. These actions can also take the form of entertainment, such as at MDS Angers Est, where a puppet show is held. Therefore, about forty children accompanied by their parents have already participated in the puppet show, and on March 8 at MDS Angers Sud and 16 New public performances are scheduled for March at the Place de l’Europe in Angers.

Listen, guide, protect

The numbers make sense, we’re already counting 11 femicides since the beginning of 2022 ; 87% of people Women registered as victims of gender-based crimes or crimes in 2019; Still 99% of women in 2019 say they’ve been the victim of a sexist act or behavior. Support women’s freedom of speech and helping them in situations of violence is a must. Therefore, the Ministry undertakes to provide financing. Two new positions for specialist social workers assigned to law enforcement. These soon-to-be-created positions will strengthen the three already existing social workers. Their role: to listen to women, assist them in their assessment, then refer them to appropriate services and assistance.

Promote women’s access to sports

If the contribution of sports in favor of inclusion and social cohesion is no longer in doubt, Equal access to sports practice for women and men is far from being achieved. : lack of time and difficulty in reconciling family and sport, lack of self-confidence, underrepresentation, persistence of sexist stereotypes and prejudices… There are still many barriers to women’s access to sports activities.

To combat this discrimination and promote women’s access to sports, the Ministry supports and finances the initiatives of sports clubs: the OKLM project created at UFAB 49 to improve basketball practice among young girls, or the Profession Sport et Loisirs association, which offers sports sessions, to improve the self-confidence and self-esteem of women victims of violence. to encourage their personal restructuring.

Reading grows and evolves

Address the issue of gender equality it is also to watch, to read, to learn to build a culture. This contributes to the development of mentalities. Culture is a fundamental vector of social bonds and plays a full role in culture. fight against stereotypes. That’s why, in November 2021, Bibliopôle professionals and the network’s libraries have compiled a selection of nearly a hundred works, novels, comics, films, music and even apps, all tackling the theme of women’s equality. men. With this special issue of “The Cherry on” brochure Printed in 4000 copies, it’s a small boost to Maine-et-Loire residents to keep themselves informed and sharpen their curiosity.

The department takes inventory of its actions

Each year, the ministry publishes a report detailing its desire for equality in the region and actions taken, as well as its own data as an employer. With more than 2,200 representatives and 66% women, the Department of Maine-et-Loire must also do its part in advancing gender equality in the workplace. This equality in the workplace also manifests itself in wage differences, career development, the balance between personal and professional life, and the fight against discrimination.

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