5 atypical site selections


If we know Tunisia much more for its beaches, seaside resorts, desert and archaeological sites, the country is full of unusual places that tourists do not know about and are worth seeing.

We have selected five delightful places to visit to try new experiences from north to south of Tunisia.

Tunisia: Althiburos Cave in El Kef

Althiburos Cave is an atypical cultural site founded by Tunisian visual artist Ammar Belguitch and located 40 km from El Kef, not far from the Algerian border.

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The artist has transformed an abandoned cave near the town of Dahmani into a real place of culture and encounter. Belguith aims to preserve the rich cultural heritage of the El Kef region with this project developed with the support of more than 25 artists and filmmakers.

Promoting alternative tourism in Tunisia, this area offers a real cultural circuit with a new natural survival experience, the possibility of camping or living in cavernous rooms, various sports activities as well as residence arts and various arts and crafts. learning workshops.

Address: M’dayna Dahmani 7170 El Kef, Tunisia

Althiburos Cave – Facebpook : Althiburos Cave

The archaeological site of Oudhna, 30 km from Tunisia

Oudhna village is home to one of the most beautiful and preserved wild archaeological sites in Tunisia. However, tourists who witness the Roman gateway in Tunis and visit this site, located on the Zaghouan road barely 30 km south of the capital Tunis, are rare.

The ancient city of Uthina can be identified by its capital, considered one of the largest in Africa, and its amphitheater, which is built on a hill at the entrance and ranks 3rd after El Jem and Carthage. A recent restoration aimed at preserving the ruins, great baths (imperial type monument), aqueduct, cisterns, traces of Roman villas and several mosaics scattered throughout the area.

Address: Uthina Mornag Archaeological Site, Ben Arous 2013 Tunisia

Village Ken, Sousse, Tunisia

Ken village is a cultural, tourist and environmental area built in 1984. It is both a museum, a gallery, an arts and crafts space, and a cultural place. It offers accommodation thanks to a swimming pool, bistro, restaurant and a large botanical area, as well as a guesthouse with rooms with special architecture built with local materials.

This site is a reconstruction of a Berber village spread over 3 hectares, not far from the tourist town of Sousse. It aims to combine both tradition and modernity. It regularly hosts important artistic and cultural events and also offers camping to connect with nature.

Address: Route de Sousse, Km 82, 4010 Bou Ficha

village Ken – Facebook: Village KEN (قرية ‘كان’ ( فضاء ثقافي)

Ain Dhab Cave in Silyana

It is a truly underground journey that adventurers will have the opportunity to experience by going to the Ain Dhab Cave or Gold Spring, located at the heart of the Jebel Serj nature reserve in Siliana. Considered one of the most beautiful caves in Tunisia, this cave is home to the only underground river in the country.

Speleologists and thrill-seeking visitors will particularly appreciate the beautiful view of the natural stalactites and the many mysterious rooms to explore, such as the throne room, waterfall room, spring room or the 3km-long and gourmet-equipped layer room. and concretes.

Address: Jebel Serj National Park, Siliana

Zammour Berber village in Matmata

Zammour is a Berber village of around 1,000 inhabitants, located 600 meters above sea level in the Dahar mountains, high in Matmata. Must-sees in Zammour include Mount M’Zenzen (the highest point in the region), the underground mosque, the pilot farm, the ksar (singular of Ksour), the ruins and the impressive mountains of the region.

To promote the village, a multidisciplinary festival was recently launched in Tunisia promoting fair and united tourism. The trekking competition provides musical performances, tastings of local products, sporting events, exhibitions and meetings with local people. The Zammour festival usually takes place in November.

Address: Delegation of Bni Khedeche, Governorate of Medenine