6 new apps and games from the last few weeks that we recommend you try

Refresh your app and game catalog with these 6 new features that are coming to Google Play recently.

Every week, all kinds of new apps and games come to the Google Play Store, but so you don’t waste time searching for them, we occasionally pick the most interesting ones for you.

On this occasion, we have compiled for you the best 6 new apps and games that have come to the Google app store in recent weeks.

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These are the 6 best new apps and games hitting the Play Store in recent weeks.

In this list you can find free apps as useful as Magic Photo Editor or kwai Video Editor and fun free games like MY HERO ULTRA IMPACT or Zombie Virus: K-Zombie.

Magic Photo Editor: Photo Fix

6 new apps and games from the last few weeks that we recommend you try

The first of the new apps we recommend in this selection is Magic Photo Editor, a complete photo editing app that will let you not only crop, rotate and tone images, but also apply a multitude of filters. Enhance photos and even fix old photos with an AI (Artificial Intelligence) based tool.

Magic Photo Editor is a completely free application with ads, but there are no in-app purchases, which you can download from the link we left below these lines.


The first new game you should try on the Play Store is MY HERO ULTRA IMPACT, an RPG game based on the popular anime My Hero Academia, where you have to create a team of heroes and villains to fight against other players. Also, this game has a story mode called Main Quest, which will let you relive episodes of this anime from the first season to the current season.

MY HERO ULTRA IMPACT is a free game with no ads but in-app purchases ranging from €0.99 to €79.99.

kwai Video Editor and creator

6 new apps and games from the last few weeks that we recommend you try

kwai Video Editor and maker is a simple video editor with which you can do all sorts of things like cutting and compressing clips, converting them to other formats like MP3, adding music to them and even merging two videos.

Zombie Virus: K-Zombie

The second game we’ve added to this compilation, Zombie Virus: K-Zombie is a first-person shooter in true The Walking Dead style, where you have to kill as many zombies as possible to survive. What sets this game apart from its peers is that it has a slower pace, lots of activities and an offline mode that will allow you to play even if you are not connected to the internet.

Zombie Virus: K-Zombie is a completely free game with ads and in-app purchases ranging from 0.99 euros to 89.99 euros.

Paths: Beatrice’s adventure

Paths: Beatrice’s Adventure is a graphic adventure where you decide the life path of Beatrice, a teenager with the power to have anyone. This game has up to 10 different endings and should last two to three hours, according to each game creator.

Paths: Beatrice’s Adventure is a free game in early access, so it’s only available in English and Italian. In addition, the free version only includes the intro and the first part, because if you want to unlock the full game you have to go to the vault and make an in-app purchase of 2.99 euros.

Hextech Mayhem Netflix Edition

The last game on this list is Hextech Mayhem, a musical racing game featuring League of Legends stars Ziggs and Heimerdinger, where you have to bombard, jump, and dance to the beat of the music to avoid obstacles, disarm enemies, and defuse light fuses.

Hextech Mayhem Netflix Edition is a free and exclusive game for Netflix subscribers that you can download from the link below or from the Games tab of the Netflix app.

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