A better result than Hidalgo? his schedule

Fabien Roussel: A better result than Hidalgo?  his schedule

RUSEL. Fabien Roussel is the PCF candidate for the 2022 presidential election and will find out his score in the first round at 20:00 on Sunday, April 10. After emphasizing youth and education at the same time, the communist candidate could defeat PS candidate Anne Hidalgo. Find the latest news throughout the day followed by live results.


What will be the outcome for Fabien Roussel’s first nomination for the presidency on the evening of Sunday, April 10? The PCF candidate was one of the leaders of the 2022 presidential campaign, first refusing to ally with Jean-Luc Mélenchon, as the Communist Party did in 2017, then giving more of a campaign theme to “happy days”. For weeks, the candidate followed and surpassed PS candidate Anne Hidalgo in the polls. Confirmation at 20:00 this Sunday evening?

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06:30 – cancellation schedule of the communist candidate for the presidential election

The results of this 2022 presidential election will be known in the evening. For now, let’s turn to the program of Fabien Roussel, a follower of reform and abolition. In fact, its program has a desire to abolish a certain set of measures, such as the abolition of universal suffrage for the president it aims to elect by Parliament. In addition, he wants to “immediately” repeal the unemployment insurance reform, which, according to him, aims to save only “3” by canceling the current reform that raises the pension to 62 (as stated in his program. Also, the administrative commits to closing detention centers, closing military bases abroad, as well as repealing the “global security” law, if elected, on new social and political foundations.

05:30 – What changes does the communist presidential candidate foresee in the political system?

Fabien Roussel presents in the 2022 presidential election program a series of projects aimed at overhauling the political and electoral system as we know it. First, the candidate asserts the impossibility of participating in elections and exercising public office if an elected official “violates the principles enshrined in the Constitution and law”, states his program. It also seeks new ways of working for the electoral process: the election of the president by universal suffrage, as well as judicial immunity and Article 49-3 of the Constitution. It also aims to achieve full proportionality in legislative elections, as detailed in Le Monde, and to hold a citizens’ initiative referendum that will be triggered by the decision of one million citizens. Finally, it wants to include social values ​​in the ballot box by giving foreign nationals the right to vote, especially in local and European elections;

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What is Fabien Roussel’s schedule?

Defending the ideas of the PCF, Fabien Roussel decided to focus his campaign on the protection of vulnerable people, especially young people. It recommends strengthening the tools devoted to education to provide a quality school system for all. If he is elected President, he wants to move forward with the recruitment of 90,000 new civil servants to the National Education so that the classes do not exceed 20 to 25 students. Likewise, Fabien Roussel would like to offer autonomy allowance to young people aged 18 and over. Fabien Roussel also undertook to create a local police force of 30,000 members. The candidate does not stray from the issues that FKF has traditionally addressed, such as the employment problem and the improvement of working conditions for employees and civil servants. See Fabien Roussel’s full schedule on her website.

How were the poll results for Fabien Roussel?

The polls put Fabien Roussel with 2 to 3% of the vote, above Lutte Ouvrière candidate Nathalie Arthaud and NPA candidate Philippe Poutou, but above all just behind PS candidate Anne Hidalgo. However, it lags behind LFI candidate Jean-Luc Mélenchon.