A Different Blood Bath E!


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Their digging in the ground earned them the “undesirable organization” label. This suggests that they are revealing disturbing truths. This means that the research team is currently working in exile. Roman Badanin, editor of “Proekt” magazine, has a contract with Stanford University for this year. There are worse places to be stranded away from home. But Badanin says he can’t go home or he will be jailed. Between his obligations at Stanford and his whistleblowing work on the Russian government, he says he’s created a “crowdfunding” like crazy to keep his disorganized team of reporters afloat.

“Proekt’s latest research has revealed that Russian President Putin can be quite ill – at least quite worried about his health and possibly worried about aging. One detail of the news that draws your attention is that a thyroid cancer specialist allegedly visited the Russian President 35 times in the last four years and spent 166 days with him, and that this doctor was not the only doctor who visited Putin’s hospital. He retreats from the Kremlin and during his relatively long periods of mysterious isolation from the public.

Russian President Putin can shut down rumors about his health at any time, simply by going public.


“Russian propaganda creates the image of a 100% healthy, sports-addicted president. We suddenly learned that he was literally surrounded by paramedics,” Roman Badanin told Fox News. “We have 60 doctors in total, he traveled with him on different occasions each time, for example to Sochi (Putin’s favorite Black Sea resort). They travel on the same route, on the same dates. Again, after the investigation was published, we received unofficial confirmations, of course, that we were right, at least, that he was genuinely concerned about Putin’s health. and they conducted some of their trips by matching them with Putin’s, for example while traveling from Sochi to retirement. The contracts show that these doctors stayed at a hotel near Putin’s house. Surprisingly, the paper trail is public. Tracking movements in this way, opposition leader Alexei Navalny by the Navalny and Bellingcat investigation unit. It allowed them to use a technique similar to that used to track n trackers and poisoners.

Russian President Vladimir Putin enters the room to address the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic medalists.

Russian President Vladimir Putin enters the room to address the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic medalists.
(Mikhail Svetlov/Getty Images)

Among other doctors, apparently, in the president’s orbit – a resuscitation specialist, he is said to have written a handbook on the treatment of acute diseases, injuries and poisonings, as well as neurologists. Badanin says the thyroid cancer specialist’s alleged relationship with Putin does not necessarily mean that the president has or has cancer. The only thing certain is that the doctor in question, Yevgeny Selivanov, got his doctorate on thyroid cancer, according to Badanin. Now he can focus on other areas. There have been rumors about Putin’s health for a long time. Every time he disappears, languages ​​mingle. Its suddenly smooth appearance sparked speculation about the use of botox a few years ago. Some say his recent bloating has given rise to all sorts of theories about his heavy drug use and what could be making him sick.


Another angle to the “Proekt” story is Putin’s supposed fascination with alternative medicine. In his second term, Putin decided to live forever and rule forever because one day he realized that his health was his number one priority. Among other things, Badanin tried alternative medicine,” said Badanin. “We learned that he was really interested in the so-called blood baths practiced in the Altai region. They even bathe in the boiled blood of deer. And we know for sure that Putin has tried these baths at least once. Badanin said he spoke to someone who had the same treatment on the same day. And he explained that blood was drawn from the deer’s soft, sprouting young antlers.

Russian President Vladimir Putin raises a toast during a reception for military personnel involved in the Syria campaign at the Grand Kremlin Palace in Moscow, December 28, 2017.

Russian President Vladimir Putin raises a toast during a reception for military personnel involved in the Syria campaign at the Grand Kremlin Palace in Moscow, December 28, 2017.
(Photo by Mikhail Svetlov/Getty Images)

There were clearly several sports injuries along the way, and Badanin says Putin suffers from back problems as a result. But the Kremlin will confirm that the Russian president is in good health. And he will undoubtedly reject deer bloodbaths as the most fake news. It’s hard to imagine a man covered in animal blood sitting at his now famous long table so far away from visitors. But Badanin insists he has inside information on the right supplies, and apparently most of Russia’s elite jumped on board, starting with Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu.


In the context of the past, Badanin admits that on the eve of turning 70, Putin surpassed his predecessors. “He is much healthier than all his predecessors, including Yeltsin, who resigned at the same age, or Brezhnev, who was ousted at almost the same age, and even Andropov died at 70,” Badanin said. “But he still reigns for 23 years. I think this time it really impressed him. Managing such a large country for 23 years is not an easy task. And of course I think there are psychological and health problems. . »