A good last season and a few new features announced at Gleason

After 100 days of operations, on the weekend of April 2 and 3, the Gleason ski season came to an end with two festive events; SPLASH DM2 STORE and egg hunt.

Despite the difficulties that the pandemic has represented throughout the season, we can talk about a happy ending. Never mind, sanitary measures have in no way undermined the visitors’ passion for their favorite sport. The numbers are showing and the growth in the number of subscribers continues. The team has made every effort to offer quality services and the best conditions for skiing.

always growing

“Like many companies, we have learned to play with the COVID context, precautions to be respected, absenteeism and workforce shortages. That said, the game was definitely worth the candle. Together with our guests and our employees, we have succeeded in winning smiles and creating beautiful moments. We are very happy with the season and we are very positive for the next season.”

Skiers and snowboarders enjoyed a ten-year record of 247cm snow accumulation. It wasn’t just the snowflakes that were there, but the customers as well. Gleason has just over 144,470 visitors, including a 4% increase in the average number of ski customers over the past three years. To delight families, it was an opportunity to relaunch Super Zone of Slides LE TUBE on December 29, after 1 year.

That’s more than 11,500 visits for the facility’s five sliding aisles. As for the long holidays, the holiday season and Spring Break went perfectly. In both cases, these periods experienced higher traffic than the average of the last five years. Hiking in the Alps saw strong growth with a 60% increase in subscribers since last year. Gleason may already herald a popular 22-23 season, with its spring pre-sale as successful as previous campaigns.


Each season has its own innovations and the 2022-2023 season will not be an exception to the rule with its multiple projects with a total investment of 1.2 million dollars. Initially, Gleason will purchase a BISON Tier 4, a new grooming machine known for its great reliability in the field, the quality of its grooming and comfort for the operator. As for them, the lights of the MRC track in Arthabaska will be replaced with LED bulbs in the evening, which will offer better energy efficiency while improving the quality of lighting. In addition, Station du Mont Gleason will complete the sewer connection project with the Town of Warwick last year.

It will also invest in the maintenance and updating of some key equipment to keep operations running smoothly. Here we are talking about updating certain infrastructures related to profit making, electricity, computers and more.

The facility then plans to enhance its outdoor activities with a new container that will be used as a food preparation and gathering place from the fall. Finally, arrangements will be made to increase the comfort of employees at the facilities. The occasional Tim-mousse daycare center will be converted into permanent premises for approximately 60 ski school instructors, and three administration offices have been relocated or upgraded. A new area will also be added in the main chalet as a break room for the team.

To highlight, the station management and board executives took part in a lac-à-l’âme on June 15 and 16 where it comes to planning new strategic directions for the years to come. . Obviously, employee happiness and customer experience will be a priority.

Free access to hiking trails

During the summer, the mountain trails are accessible daily for free. For a unique experience, the mountain is available for school group reservations as well as room rentals. It is also the perfect place to plan a family picnic or a trip with friends. For 100% outdoor and ecological excursion, you can go to Bois-Francs Linear Park.