A musical with Lady Gaga?

Tue 14 Jun 2022

The most beloved villain in the DC Comics universe has been portrayed by Jack Nicholson, Jared Leto, Heath Ledger, and more recently. of Joaquin Phoenixand the Joker hasn’t had his last laugh yet. As a matter of fact, after the critical and box office success of the film he directed, Todd Phillips In 2019, Warner rushed to order a sequel. The sequel, confirmed by the director in a post on Instagram a week ago, when he posted the first page of the script for volume 2 of this volume with the caption: Joker: madness for two.

poker face

In the same post, she also posted a photo of Joaquin Phoenix reading this famous script, which confirms the actor’s involvement in this sequel, and it’s much better. And yet simple, Todd Phillips said he was selling this movie “as”.the only work that exists in its own world“It implies there’s no multiverse like Marvel and the other Avengers. But apparently, that was before Joker raised $1 billion at the box office, which actually makes you want to go with a sequel. Here we go for production of Joker 2 and the first info is purely WTF .

Indeed, since The Hollywood Reporter published exclusive information in an article yesterday, this is insane. Joaquin Phoenix could be cast by a singer/actress we know well: Lady Gaga who should play Harley Quinn aka Joker’s ally and utterly psychopathic psychologist. Information that can be confirmed by the title of the movie “Folie à deux”, which suggests a duet. Apart from Harley Quinn since 2016, Margot Robbie In a movie that doesn’t have two Suicide Squads and a movie that focuses on his character, he does the opposite for a director who doesn’t want to give in different universes.

Taxi Driver feat. Lalaland?

After that, Joker has nothing to do with other DC Comics movies. There are movies made by the Zack Snyder machine: Justice League, Batman vs. Superman, Man of Steel…with a Batman he plays Ben Affleck like this. They’re part of Jared Leto’s Joker timeline and Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn. Then there was the deactivated Joker, like Matt Reeves’ last Batman with Robert Pattinson. The two films are still separate, each with a much darker atmosphere that takes away from the superhero vibe. Also, many fans were hoping for a crossover between the two, but apparently that wouldn’t be relevant. And judging by the latest news, that seems increasingly improbable, in addition to the fact that Lady Gaga is expected to be on the roster. joker 2, the movie could be a musical.

so actually JokerJoaquin Phoenix has occasionally taken small dance steps in incredibly well-filmed scenes, but from there to seeing him sing. Lady Gaga in Gotham City… It is extremely difficult to see the thing. But the information from The Hollywood Reporter is already pretty credible, especially since Todd Phillips is already working together. Lady Gaga since you produced a star is born. Right now, it’s hard to imagine how the Joker could transition from a spooky Taxi Driver-style thriller to a musical. You shouldn’t decide too quickly after that because Todd Phillips has proven his talent with his movie that still received 11 Oscar nominations. That’s why we’re counting on him to come up with a hybrid project between songs, murders, and insanity.