A professional football stadium will be built in Saskatoon soon


City of Bridges will have a new stadium that will be company-owned Meadow Park. The proposed area will be the old area used for horse racing.

As our community diversifies and we welcome new Canadians, the appetite for football increases significantly. writes in a press release to the company.

Meadow Park believes now is the right time to create this meeting place.

We believe this is the perfect time to grow our football community. Not only with a community stadium, but also with a franchise team of the Premier Canadian Football League (PLC).says the company.

More than a football stadium

An image showing the future soccer stadium in Prairieland Park in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

Prairieland Park revealed on Tuesday what the future stadium should look like.

Photo: Prairieland Park

Those responsible Meadow Park announces their intention to create a multi-purpose space.

The football stadium can be used by other groups and can serve as an open-air concert hall.

Prairieland Park“,”text”:”Le bâtiment et ses environs seront une attraction en soi et contribueront à diversifier davantage l’offre de Prairieland Park”}}”>The building and its surroundings will be an attraction in itself and will help to further diversify the offerings. Meadow Parksays the company.

Secondly, he is also pleased with the partnership with the City that led to the realization of this project, which according to officials will benefit the residents of Saskatchewan and Saskatoon.

The company also wants to work with government at all levels to win their support, as well as partnering with the football community and the company. Living Sky Sports. The latter will have all the exclusive rights to establish a football club in Saskatoon and will be the main tenant of the sports facilities.

an expensive building

According to the Chairman of the Board Meadow ParkSteve Chisholm, the company is positioning itself to foster economic growth and community bonds by building a professional stadium in Saskatoon.

The cost of this stadium, which will have a capacity of 5,500 seats, will be around 28 million dollars. The new sports facilities are expected to be operational by 2024.

millions de dollars d’investissement et des centaines de milliers de dollars en personnel, maintenant et à l’avenir”,”text”:”Nous soutenons le projet avec plus de 2millions de dollars d’investissement et des centaines de milliers de dollars en personnel, maintenant et à l’avenir”}}”>We support the project now and in the future with over 2 million dollars of investment and hundreds of thousands of staff.he announces.

Owner of team and company Living Sky Sports Chisholm has committed $2 million plus all startup costs for the franchise and the team he will have to endure.

Meadow Park he is also launching a public campaign to gain community support.

A well received project in Saskatoon

Local football associations in Saskatoon welcome this project.

Eastside Youth Soccer Association coach Mike Gramiak said the organization was thrilled to see professional soccer teams come to Saskatoon.

We hope it will help advance community football in Saskatoon by facilitating access to a professional football environment in the community.says.

Mr. Gramiak says he hopes this project will pave the way for future generations to enjoy professional-level opportunities with fewer obstacles..

Jodi Blackwell, executive director of the Saskatoon Football Center, said his team looks forward to the arrival of a Canadian Football Premier League team to the province.

Blackwell said Saskatoon has a strong football community that wants to see this high-level game at home.

Saskatchewan would have more than 40,000 football players. About 8,400 children and 5,600 adults exercise in Saskatoon.