about 90 cars burned, about fifteen arrests

This year, 87 cars would burn in Strasbourg’s agglomeration, including 25 as the flames spread from a police source. The districts of Hautepierre, Cronenbourg and Koenigshoffen in the west of the city and Neuhof in the south of the city were the scene of urban violence in particular.

The most “sensitive” streets were evacuated from all cars, parking there was prohibited since morning. Eurometropolis has provided its residents with eighteen guarded parking lots. In addition, more than 120 mediators from associations established in priority neighborhoods were deployed in hopes of a “peaceful” New Year’s Eve.

Two police officers were slightly injured

The districts of Strasbourg, Schiltigheim, Bischheim, Hoenheim, Illkirch-Graffenstaden, Ostwald and Lingolsheim echoed with the sound of rockets and mortars towards the evening, despite the ban on buying and using firecrackers until January 3.

More than 750 police and gendarmes were mobilized and a helicopter equipped with a thermal camera circled the town to guide them on the ground.

around 1 am, two police officers were slightly injured By explosives during an intervention in the Neuhof district. The first suffers from tinnitus due to the explosion, the second was burned in the thigh by the explosive. A police vehicle was also damaged.

Firefighters systematically accompanied

No firefighters were injured in the evening. Crews sent to car or garbage fires were systematically accompanied by the police to avoid stones or even ambush. “The device is a deterrent and effective,” says Cédric Hatzenberger, FO secretary general for the Bas-Rhin firefighters. This did not prevent several “small groups” from “mortaring” the red trucks.

Finally, New Year’s Eve 2022 is more turbulent than in 2021, subject to a total curfew, but much calmer than the parade in 2020, marked by mass urban violence and hundreds of vehicle fires – the official figure of 300 Burning cars had been announced by authorities.

Targeted with pistols

“Violence was certainly less numerous than it was two years ago, but it remains alarmingly serious,” says Christophe Rouyer, department secretary of the Alliance police force. Throughout the evening, his colleagues were exposed to mortar shells fired at their vehicles. Think about the stress of these interventions. »

During the night, “on rue de l’Elsau in Ostwald, a man holding a pistol targeted a police team”, condemning the unionist. Half an hour later, “another patrol was targeted by a gunman, rue de Westhoffen” in the Strasbourg district of Montagne-Verte. Two threatening people were arrested with “alarm guns for launching rockets”.

15 people in custody

A total of about fifteen people were detained by the police for acts related to urban violence, according to a report made on Saturday afternoon. Half of the defendants were minors who fired rockets, mortars, firecrackers and other explosive devices at police. Five of them were brought to justice on Sunday.

The 24-year-old man, who fired an alarm gun at police in Montagne-Verte, was placed under judicial control Monday pending trial before the criminal court.

The four children, three of whom are under the age of 16, will appear in court in March to be held accountable for violence against persons in public authority, crowd participation and humiliation by fire. The prosecution demanded that they be brought under judicial control.

Covid 19: “at least a hundred people” gathered for a party in Schiltigheim

New Year’s Eve, which brought together “at least a hundred people” at a restaurant on the rue du Château-d’Angleterre in Schiltigheim, had to be stopped by police shortly after 3 p.m. Despite the barrier movements, the guests gathered there.

Danielle Dambach, mayor of Schiltigheim, said: “As part of my Christmas tour, I was able to see a large number of at least a hundred people inside the Entre2Terres restaurant. Part of the establishment was customized for the evening. »

The place can accommodate “up to 250 people”.

“The small room was enlarged with a marquee at the back”, able to see the chosen one. In this configuration, the owner states on his Facebook page that the place can accommodate “up to 250 people”.

Police several times passed in front of this establishment in the Vogelau area, wanting to remind guests out of the need to respect barrier movements, especially wearing masks. “In the midst of a health crisis, such a grouping was certainly not responsible,” laments Danielle Dambach.

Some clashes with the police

Police returned at midnight as Bas-Rhin province ordered bars and restaurants to close no later than 3 am on the night of 31 December. After some clashes with the police, the workplace was completely evacuated.

The mayor of Schiltigheim stated that he would call the owner of the establishment to ask him to explain the conditions for holding this evening.