AccessSecurity: “Cybersecurity has grown significantly over the past three years”

New Releases: The AccessSecurity fair, postponed following the health crisis, will be held face-to-face at Parc Chanot on March 9 and 10 this year. Has this crisis changed the priorities of security decision makers? Also, is this the subject of an important symposium these days?

Anna Gallon: The discourse has changed a bit because the era of the Covid crisis revealed the importance of the internet and electronic stock markets. Each of us has experienced this through telework. Cyber ​​security, which is one of the two main themes along with security at the AccessSecurity fair, has gained great importance in the last three years. From the start of the symposium, we will promise safety and security managers who will provide us with feedback on their daily lives and priorities of the moment. The covid crisis that has turned the world upside down and the war in Ukraine now brings a new deal. We will have two valuable testimonies to discuss these questions in the presence of Sébastien Attard, director of security at the Saint-Joseph hospital in Marseille, and Jugurtha Yanat, director of safety and security for the Boulanger group. They will discuss the implications of current events in terms of priorities for security decision makers.

What are the expectations of companies and rather what are the main trends emerging this year?

Safety and security managers expect to meet their colleagues and discuss with them issues and best practices to put in place. It works for some. Others are looking for solutions. Exhibitors are there to present them in any situation. We are happy because we have as many participants as in 2019. Thus, we will have about a hundred participants and brands. However, events have been greatly affected by the effects and consequences of the health crisis. It is true that security and cybersecurity themes remain current and still important. One of the highlights will be the cybersecurity symposium with several tables and famous speakers. Among others, we will have the presence of Christophe Hugon, city councilor of the city of Marseille in charge of Open Data and the digital system. Note that the city of Marseille was the victim of a cyber attack in February 2020.

The ongoing war in Ukraine has brought the concept of cyber risk to light. How will this topic be discussed during these two days?

The war in Ukraine is a very new topic.. We could not set aside this subject, which is full of sharpness. We redesigned the program as an introduction to the colloquium with the first roundtable to integrate this theme. He will be returning during these two days of the show and during the debates. We hoped for army representatives to arrive, but they mobilized. We will discuss this with other experts. We will have the presence of several association presidents, including David Ofer, President of the French Cyber ​​Security Federation, Jean-Marc Gremy, President of the digital security reference association (CLUSIF) in France, and Kevin Heydon, regional delegate for Regional Information Systems Security. Agency (ANSSI). We will also have the chance to meet with Alice Thourot, Member of Parliament for Drôme and rapporteur on homeland security law. The theme of women and cybersecurity will also be the subject of a roundtable meeting hosted by CLUSIR with the participation of Clusir Marseille president Me Alexandra Barberis and regional councilor Françoise Brunetaux, head of the digital commission in the region.