According to the game’s creative director, the path to the sequel to Horizon Forbidden West will be clear.

Game News According to the game’s creative director, the path to the sequel to Horizon Forbidden West will be clear.

Horizon: Forbidden West offers PlayStation players a new exclusive option. Aloy’s newest adventures take players through an amazing world filled with zoomorphic machines, each more dangerous than the next. If you feared that this episode would end the license, don’t worry, according to the game’s creative director, Guerrilla Games has other plans for her baby.

Aloy one, Regiment two… Regiment three?

Horizon games are a short but intense premium video game legend for Playstation and Sony. With Horizon: Zero Dawn and Horizon: Forbidden West, Guerrilla Games has made its license one of the references of the contemporary open world. But more than an open world, Horizon also offers players an exciting adventure powered by a gripping sci-fi story.

Now reduced to its most primitive hours, humanity struggles to survive in a devastated world populated by machines resembling terrestrial fauna. In the two works, we clearly learn more about the fate of humans and how these zoomorphic robots took over. Still, Guerrilla Games has some revelations to share with us, according to the game’s creative director. For those who haven’t discovered Aloy’s adventures yet, beware, the lines below contain some spoilers.

In a recent interview with VG247Mathijs de Jonge, creative director of Guerrilla Games, talked about the storytelling of Horizon games and the asphalt road for the continuation of Aloy’s adventures.

The heart of Horizon is really about mystery; each of our stories focused on uncovering the mysteries of both the ancient world and the present where the games took place (…). Indeed, there are a lot of background elements to use to develop new stories and create new mysteries from what we’ve already built. – Mathijs de Jonge, creative director of Guerrilla Games

Mathijs de Jonge casually teases us with these remarks with a new Horizon piece. It’s a logical sequel, given how Forbidden West ended, similar to what Zero Dawn suggested.

Forever and beyond the Horizon?

As Mathijs de Jonge explains, Guerrilla Games teams have struggled to lay a solid foundation for using them over the long term. A principle that already applies to Horizon: Zero Dawn, implying the Forbidden West.

The story of the first game (Zero Dawn) has a consequence, but Aloy doesn’t solve all the problems that arise. In the end, there is always a terraforming system that needs repair. This is exactly where Phobidden West began. We knew we wanted to move the plot to a new area and we have already mentioned Forbidden West (…). We thought this area sounded really mysterious, interesting and dangerous. So we really wanted to set up our story there. Also, we still had stories about the old world that we wanted to exploit. So besides knowing where we wanted to go with Aloy’s story, we had a lot of material to work with and it all came together perfectly.

Similarly, the Forbidden West ends up like its big brother on a big cliff. Knowing the ending of this piece, it’s possible to imagine Aloy’s next stop. Without going into detail, Guerrilla Games once again used the method of storytelling with Forbidden West, establishing new assumptions for the sequel. Aloy, we can go to other continents, even if we believe in our hero’s last meeting in space! We’ll have to wait for Horizon’s next opus to be announced (which isn’t coming anytime soon).

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