Advantages and challenges of a sports complex in Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville


Saint-Bruno will have a sports complex; at best in 2026, if not in 2028, depending on the site chosen. What are the advantages and challenges of such a project?

The city council chose two places. Backyard of Parc Marie-Victorin or Mont-Bruno high school. The population must make its choice this week.

First of all, wherever the population of Montarville may turn, the presence of a sports complex in the community is a plus.

The multisport complex is an environment that promotes and supports healthy lifestyles. A physically healthy society leads to a socially and financially healthy society.

Moreover, a sports complex benefits the entire population, regardless of the privileged site. For families, retirees, youth, athletes, the elderly, young children… Provided that a diversified offer is offered among the possibilities.

Buying a sports center also means updating facilities that are getting old or not yet available. For citizens. For clubs and associations. To organize big competitions from the region and even from the province and to host the athletes. From this perspective, and whatever its location, Saint-Bruno can only be a winner with these new infrastructures.

Middle School…

Building the sports complex next to the Mont-Bruno high school has its advantages. It’s not the Rabastalière park that the previous administration was aiming for, but a site that stays close to the city centre. In this sense, the school area is a suitable place for active mobility. Businesses can benefit from the traffic of the sports center. Also, there are more residential areas around the school. Therefore, a larger population may be concerned about the arrival of this new sporting option.

summer 2028
This is the deadline for the sports complex at the Mont-Bruno secondary school.

The possibility of improving the school establishment’s offer of sports facilities already existing is also an attractive aspect. Sports halls, athletics track, arena, water pools would be gathered in the same place… Athletes of Blizzard du Mont-Bruno, the sports club of the secondary school, would probably rejoice like sports associations. already frequent the yellow building. Saint-Bruno basketball, Club Samak, Club Aqua-Rythme…

… or Marie-Victorin Park

Building a sports complex in Marie-Victorin Park also has its advantages. At $55 million, it’s the lowest cost on this site. Also in Marie-Victorin Park the first grass will happen faster. As an 86-year-old citizen who met at the information meeting at the community center put it: “If I had to make a choice, I would choose the one that would be cheaper and fastest to build. If the project takes too long at my age…”

Marie-Victorin Park is far from the village center and most residential areas. Building a sports complex so far means reducing the heavy traffic in the city center and residential streets. It also means avoiding construction hassles for residents. Some will see it positively on both counts. Finally, Marie-Victorin Park already has several football fields (major tournaments are played there by AS Montis), a BMX track (Club de BMX Rive-Sud hosts state events there), beach volleyball courts, a playground, and Marie-Victorin Mountain House. The establishment of the multi-sport complex in this location will highlight the sports center.

Obstacles to foresee

The first challenge is trying to please everyone. To citizens, but also to local sports associations. Regardless of the desired location in this folder, City will fail. It will be impossible to please everyone. Unless you increase the bill.

Saint-Bruno Football Club trains and plays at Rabastalière Park. The organization does not see much benefit from having a sports complex in any of the competing locations. Especially since a few years ago, the City suspended the idea of ​​a sports center project in the Rabastalière park… [parc Rabastalière]. The new location would take us off the field. The equipment, the supplies, the amount of space required for the players’ locker rooms…we don’t intend to use the complex permanently, ”says Annie Guillemette, head of the Barons.

Same for the Mont-Bruno Curling Club. When Rabastalière Park was mentioned as a sports center in 2018, the plan required curling to be moved or added to the complex. A project that pleased the board members who saw the opportunity to not do work to renovate their Freon installations.

Moreover, whatever the location chosen, the sports facilities offered will be a challenge in itself. Will the double gym be enough to meet the need? Could tennis or why not, squash courts have made their way onto the drawing board? Is there a place for children? So many possibilities…

Middle School…

Adding a sports complex behind Mont-Bruno high school has its challenges. The estimated cost is the highest at $59 million. At the same time, the delivery time is longer with this option. If this site is preferred, the Municipality plans to open its doors in 2028. The land behind the high school will need to be cleaned to build a sports complex. The work will also take place near a protected natural environment. Finally, there will be no plans to expand the complex in the future if the complex is close to the school.

… or Marie-Victorin Park

Choosing Parc Marie-Victorin also has complications. First of all, it is a position that does not encourage active mobility. It is enough to attend an AS Montis tournament or an important event of the Club de BMX Rive-Sud to see the number of cars transported. Especially since Marie-Victorin Park is located next to the industrial park. In addition to vehicles, we note the presence of heavy trucks. It’s also a place away from the shops in downtown Saint-Bruno. It is not convenient for them. Finally, complementarity with other sports programs or local associations is more complex.

The city council chose two places. Backyard of Parc Marie-Victorin and Mont-Bruno high school. The population must choose one or the other by 5 pm on 11 June.


What do you think is the biggest benefit for each of the sites?