After football, Arsenal embarks on a win-win strategy


Football takes a new path – Thanks to this the game NFTfansArsenal Now they can add players from their favorite clubs to their teams. There are more cards in their decks to achieve new victories on the blockchain.

Arsenal players join “The Ultimate Champions”Unagi’s free fantasy football game that sees the participation of football players from leagues from different countries.

This players Takes on the role of Ultimate Champions manage your teams. They must build the best team possible each season. Teams consist of fourteen real-world players, 11 and 3 substitutes.

Each player is represented by Ultimate Cards who NFT cards. Some cards are free, others have a higher rarity – Rare, Epic, Legendary –must have been acquired or purchased.

Players in the same team can come from leagues in different countries. This yield evaluated by each player. Statistics from sports data and analysis company StatisticsPerform.

With this data, all actions and all yield football players on the field valuable, not just goals or assists. For example, a defensive midfielder will be rewarded for his good performance in passing, interception, etc.

This competitions of Ultimate Champions synchronous with sports calendars real world. The winning teams accumulate throughout the matches, fantasy spots. Beyond a certain threshold, these points allow Ultimate Champions players to earn rewards.

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In-game coin and premium NFT card: player, trader or collector?

Rewards obtained by players can be: Ultimate Cards with a higher rarity level or 2 coins of the game: ultimate champion coin (FIELD) and manager contracts (CGM).

Ultimate Cards can be purchased or sold at: market place CHAMP and MGC tokens can be used to purchase other NFT cards. They allow access to certain modes of the game.

Ultimate Champions really offers 3 levels Competition with different requirements. Therefore all players can join for free Leagues. It is not necessary to have special NFT cards for this.

However, only players with a certain number of Rare, Epic, Legendary cards can participate in mods. Tournaments and collision – those that are not currently available.

In addition to this fun aspect, Unagi’s CEO, Remi Pellerinalso pointed out ” value “ Cards representing the footballers of the English club “It will evolve over time based on the actual performance of each Arsenal player”.

It’s clear that Ultimate Champions players need to sell their NFT cards. they can also “keep the cards” collected and “Play with them from season to season”.

On paper, Ultimate Champions potential to dominate the fantasy football world. But for this it needs conquer continually new clubs just like the premier league NFT Sorare project.

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