After the health crisis, weddings are back to weddings

After two square years linked to the health crisis, the wedding season in 2022 looks set to be fruitful. The order and reservation books of the professionals in the sector are significantly filled. We take stock.

This time it will be fine. Date blocked. Room and meal service is reserved. Raynald and his friend Gaëtan will say yes on June 25. “And if new restrictions come in connection with the Covid pandemic, we will get married even in very small groups. We will not delay a third time. It’s very stressful every time. The emotional roller coaster is over”.

The couple would seal their union for the first time on May 23, 2020. The party will not take place in the end. Just 15 days after the first quarantine was lifted, gatherings of more than 10 people were banned. The bride and groom therefore postpone the ceremony to July 24, 2021. But in January they decide to turn everything upside down. “We were afraid it was an indicator. We did not see ourselves separating our guests”He remembers Raynald.

Therefore, it will be June 25 at the Pavilly in the presence of 220 guests. And we had to decide on the room selection very quickly. That’s because many weddings have been postponed to 2022 after being cut in half over the past two years due to curfews, travel restrictions and meeting restrictions.

Normandy was particularly affected by the drop in marriages in 2020, according to an INSEE study. With fewer than 7,300 unions celebrated, a 37% drop between 2019 and 2020, the lowest since the end of World War II. Normandy is the second metropolitan region most marked by the decline in marriages.

But in 2022, it looks like marriage will start on new foundations. Judging by the order books and reservations as full as a wedding vase, the professionals in the industry are smiling again. “Despite the crises, we managed to have beautiful marriages. But this year is particularly intense, we can feel it.”underlines wedding planner Mélanie Cottin.

In Saint-Pierre-le-Vieux, near Dieppe, Arnaud Prieur’s phone does not stop. The catering business, which became stronger with the resumption of weddings, continues at full speed. Between June and next August, 10 weekends are already reserved and full for this company at the rate of 7 weddings over the weekend.

“We go from almost nothing to a lot. We do about fifteen quotes a week, which is very important to us. And within those two weeks, a dozen were quickly approved. And the bride and groom are not without tools»explains the catering company.

Almost from scratch, we went a lot in 2022

Arnaud Prieur, catering company in Saint-Pierre-le-Vieux

Industry professionals agree, the agenda is full. “I am no longer available from mid-June to mid-September. With all the phones I get, I can have three weddings in one weekend, but I limit myself to just this professional makeup artist based in Rouen. Despite a rising incidence rate in the region, spring and summer promise to thrive.

I can do 3 weddings over the weekend, but I limit myself to just one.

A professional makeup artist based in Rouen

Aude De Boishebert is a floral designer at Luneray. Its season starts in March and lasts until autumn. More than thirty compositions for weddings have already been commissioned from him. “Tenders continue to be made. The season is far from over. We are still signing contracts for 2022..

While the bride and groom may seem like they’re in love with the party, finding a room is more of a hurdle than ever before. For several months now, reception rooms have been operating like little bakeries. At the Petit Château de Conteville in Paluel, the manager does everything to meet demand.

“Everything moved to 2022 because 2021 was very busy. It’s already full. Normally we don’t just want to have weddings, so we left small gaps, but they also fill up with last minute weddings.”admits Eva Gardin.

As you can see, there is very little room left for this year. And if you want to get married in 2023, don’t delay.