Aguttes 2022 Summer Sale: sports on schedule


It’s fast approaching. The August 2022 Summer Sale will be held at the end of the month, and between convertibles and pure sports cars, we really get the feeling of summer in this catalog!

Augusttes Summer Sale 2022

The auto show will return to the Espace Champerret, where cars can be viewed from 14:00 to 19:00 on Friday, June 24, from 10:00 to 19:00 on Saturday, 25th, and from 9:00 to 12:00 on Sunday, 26th.
The sale will take place on Sunday, 26th at 14:00 in Neuilly.

A large catalog of 77 lots to be presented with 71 cars and 6 motorcycles. And the catalog is particularly well supplied.

Cereal Collection

Several complete collections will be distributed during the August 2022 Summer Sale, but one of them is particularly noteworthy, especially since one of the cars is on the cover of the catalogue. We’re talking about Pierre-Henry Mahul here. This lover, who has been fond of old things since his childhood, has created a magnificent collection.

Among them are the Panhards. Some may remember seeing the fragile bark at the Le Mans Classic. This car is therefore on the cover of the sales catalogue. It’s a DB HBR Le Mans, a factory car racing the classic in 1957. He has a solid track record from the Tour de France to the Speed ​​Cups. It has been thoroughly restored, is ready for new races and is estimated at between €250 and €350.000.

We’re not stopping there at twin cylinder level either because we’re going to find one as well. Panhard CD Prepared for historic races from 1964 and has already entered the Le Mans Classic, it is estimated to be between €70 and €90,000.

We continue with the Panhard PL17 Cabriolet from 1965 with Tiger engine, in very good condition, estimated at between €45 and €75,000.

We continue with the 1965 PL17 Break (est. €16-24,000), a restored 24CT in a rather rare configuration (about €16-20,000), and finally a DB Le Mans convertible from 1958, perfect for accompanying the bar on the tracks. , rare, patented and functional (estimated € 35-55.000).

But the collection does not end with these cars! Since we won’t show you everything, we’ve made our selection of the original or super 5 models.

we start with one CG 1300S from 1972. It’s a historic racing car and costs an estimated €45 to €65,000.

We continue with the recently revised 1974 Citroën DS 23 IE Confort, which is estimated at between €25 and €45,000.
A more original, 1960 Ford Zephyr Cabriolet, rare (350 copies), to be serviced, this car is estimated at between €25 and €45,000.
Sportier is a Singer 9 Le Mans Special Speed ​​from 1936 when it was released… in trials! The car is suitable for many activities and costs an estimated €40 to €60,000.
We end with a large coupé: a 1977 Fiat 130 Coupé equipped with a V6 Dino is in good working order and costs an estimated €18 to €25,000.

stars of sales

After this great collection, we move on to the big predictions of the August 2022 Summer sale. There are plenty on this side too!

We start with the 1989 25th anniversary Lamborghini Countach, a special car because it belongs to Gerhard Berger. With relatively low mileage, excellent maintenance and the highest estimate in the catalog: between €350 and €450,000.

Then we find a Bugatti Type 35A already seen during the Aguttes sale of the Tour Auto 2022. This replica was carefully constructed by Pierre Dellière from several original parts, above all reproductions. The car is beautiful, efficient, but will need an overhaul. On the other hand, the price is very attractive: between 280 and 380.000 € estimated.

The third star and fourth prediction of the Aguttes 2022 Summer Sale catalog is a Venturi 400 Award. Built for the championship dedicated to these cars, it won several podiums and took 2nd place in 1992. Something quite rare: The car was homologated on an isolated basis for road use in 2005! It is estimated to be between 120 and 180.000 €.

our choice

Now we move on to our selection from the Aguttes 2022 Summer Sale catalogue. As usual, we have a choice of 5 cars.

We start with a French woman, a Clio Williams One of those bombnets with very few kilometers that Aguttes loved to uncover: only 15km this time! Sold in Naples, this series 2 still features a plaque on the dash with the chassis number! The estimate is huge: between 45 and 65,000 €!

Then we switch to an old car. The configuration of this Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint is excellent, even if these are not its original colors. It is estimated to be between 38 and 45,000 €.

We find another Italian sports car, another Alfa, but a newer one, a 75 Turbo from 1987 with good preservation condition and an estimate of between €20 and €30,000.

Another Italian and lower car estimate of this Aguttes 2022 Summer sale, a 1995 Fiat Cinquecento Sporting, very well preserved and estimated at between 6,000 and 10,000 €.

We finish with one last car from the Mahul collection, another Italian, a Lancia Aurelia B20 GT from 1955. This series IV features the same configuration as the Aurelia from Tintin’s album “L ‘Sunflower Affair’. This car is in good condition and is estimated at between €120 and €160,000.

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