Aix-Marseille: office market gains momentum

with 50,710 m2nd With the percentage of offices marketed in the first quarter of 2022, the Aix-Marseille office market maintains the momentum of last year.

This is a record result, with a 29% and 48% increase in participation in one year compared to the average of the last five years. “, says Yoann Pohu, agency manager of JLL’s Aix-Marseille offices.

This is a sign of resurgence: the metropolis of Marseille is almost in line with its Lyon counterpart, the traditional leader in the balance sheets of regional markets. ” Lyon in the first three months of the year, 66,900 m2nd With 95,000m, it was overtaken by Lille, who performed better.2nd “The leader of JLL continues.

Matches European cities like Aix-Marseille, Hamburg, Barcelona, ​​Lisbon, Manchester… “, points out Yoann Pohu. Better still, he’s the only one unaffected by the health crisis.” In 2020, the Marseille market remained stable while most cities saw a drastic drop in transactions. » analyzes the Council.

undersupplied market

The reasons for this flexibility are due to the structure of the market in the Provençal capital: “ The vacancy rate is 2.4%, which is two and a half times lower than Lille (5.8%) and Lyon (5.9%), and three times lower than cities such as Barcelona (8.5%) and Lisbon (7.5%) . ‘, says Yoann Pohu.

This lack of supply is a guarantee of security for investors and bodes well for the development of new tertiary projects that can make the new market more fluid. » estimates the JLL framework.

6.300m2nd The M Factory, which Icade has grown on the site of the old Desbief hospital, will be delivered by 2024. (Credit: Icade/Tangram Architectes)

125,000m2nd Delivered by 2024

Stress on new products will ease this year, with a total of 29,400 m2 of deliveries scheduled for the second half2ndAfter Pixelia HD (8,500 m)2nd) this spring. And by 2024 95,600 m2nd additional new facilities, especially 21,000 m2nd 21 floors (2 of the Mirabeau tower) developed by CMA CGM and Bouygues Immobilier in Arencand) and 6,300 m2nd Factory M, which Icade grew on the site of the former Desbief hospital.

Beyond its impact on stock, this new offer also allows the Marseille metropolitan area to offer offices that meet new ways of working.

These buildings have integrated post-Covid requirements with optimized interior layouts to facilitate exterior spaces, services, excellent connectivity, flexible office, not to mention the challenges of sustainable development with a low carbon footprint. ‘ says Yoann Pohu.

Transactions increased by 26%

Number of transactions increased 26% in one year (110 vs 87), average basket remained stable (461 m2nd against 452 meters2nd). This increase in the market is not due to the increase in large transactions: 23,800 m2nd placed, the latter represented slightly less than half of the first quarter’s result.

The two most important signatures relate to the sale of Pixelia HD, an 8,540 m box.2nd Sold by BNP Paribas Immobilier to the Bouches-du-Rhône Department (amount: €49 million) and one of the two lots (6,200 m²) in Porte Est2nd), 11,200 m tertiary complex2nd Acquired by Erilia from Cogedim Provence in a condition of future completion (amount: €30 million). »

In the Aix area, the big deals are incomplete subscribers. ” Usually we are 60/40 between Marseille and Aix. However, at the beginning of the year, Aix represented only 23% of the market with the majority of small transactions (48 signatures). ‘ says Yoann Pohu.

Sale of Pixelia HD, a 8,540 m box2nd Sold by BNP Paribas Immobilier to the Ministry, it is the largest transaction at the beginning of 2022. (Credit: DR)

Values ​​are fixed

In this lively context, values ​​are stable at an average of 159 €/m.2nd HTHC. rents important In the heart of Euroméditerranée’s Central Business District (QCA) remains the privilege of La Marseillaise tower with 320 € HT HC/m2nd/year is shown as 280 € HC/m excluding VAT2nd/year for other CBD buildings. On the new model, the average value is shown as 193 € when the second hand reaches 165 €.

In Aix, value important Displayed as 195 €, average values ​​are positioned at 165 € for zero and 139 € for second-hand.