Alain Makengo asks CAF to speed up the selection process in Fecofa


Where are we in the selection process for the new board of directors of the Congo Football Federation (Fecofa)? Why is the General Assembly for the adoption of the Statutes scheduled for 28 May no longer held and no one talks about it until today? Fecofa taken hostage? Confederation of African Football (Caf) which has been under the management of special envoys for about ten months? There are so many questions that Me Alain Makengo, president of the Sports League for the Promotion and Protection of Human Rights (Lisped), asks himself through Kikandu aka “Baggio” and tries to find out why everything is blocked.

In his letter to the Caf General Secretary on Tuesday, 21 June, LISPED asks the latter to correct the Congolese in particular, and the sporting view in general about the continuation of the electoral process in FECOFA has remained without resonance ever since. End of Stututs reform work held at Caritas Congo headquarters in Kinshasa from 12-15 April.

Me Alain Makengo reminds that Caritas Congo, which is carried out by experts from these two biggest football institutions in the world, CAF and FIFA, plans to bring the FECOFA General Assembly dated 28 May 2022 to Turkey. Adopt the statutes and possibly electoral law as well. But since then, no news of the sequel surprises LISPED as we’re trending towards July.

The head of this support and accompaniment structure of Congolese sport also points out that FECOFA has been taken as a hostage, a situation that worsens the development of Congolese football. Last time : ” Mr. CAF Secretary General, you will remember that for some time now our football, or better still our National Federation, has been placed under a sui generis administration where ordinary mortals today know neither their ins nor their outs. To date, we are not fixed on the sequel of Dead Lines, which has been discontinued to see new configurations in our Federation, which is the desire of the majority of football fans.“.

Concerned to protect sporting values, create a driving force for legality, respect the rules of the game and remind the reliability of CAF and FIFA, LISPED only asks these two institutions to correct their view on the continuation of Congolese sport. Summary of the canvas on the FECOFA elections for a harmonious and peaceful cohesive administration for a change in the environment of Congolese football.

As a reminder, on December 2, 2021, a memorandum of understanding was signed between Fifa, Caf and Fecofa in Cairo, Egypt, providing for the amendment of the Fecofa Statutes and Regulations, an irreversible condition for holding reliable elections. .

And as if that weren’t enough, FIFA and Caf will appoint their representatives in Kinshasa to work with the current steering committee at the end of their mandate, which in principle should only speed up current events. These are Mr Guy Kabeya Muana Kalala, FIFA-CAF delegate responsible for legal matters, and Mr. Dieudonné Sambi Nsele-Lutu FIFA-CAF delegate for Finance. The two-man are the people they’ve worked with on behalf of FIFA and CAF at FECOFA to date.