All current and future new features of Windows 11

Microsoft seems particularly inspired by Windows 11. And the publisher has been extremely active since the launch of the new operating system, regularly releasing new versions with fixes, improvements and new functionality. To the point where it’s sometimes hard for the average user to keep up with the updates and new features they bring. Here’s a small inventory of the situation as of March 2022.

latest version

The current version of Windows 11 22000.556 was released in February 2022. Microsoft is expected to release a new version in March. Obviously it should bring a few new features and fixes. To begin with, the Redmond giant promises to strengthen the security of its system by monitoring the installation of new applications. It is a module called Intelligent Application Control (SAC) that will automatically block applications that are considered untrustworthy or potentially malicious. As is often the case with such devices, to see in practice if it will be too enthusiastic…

On a completely different note, Microsoft wants to streamline everything related to subscriptions, especially for Microsoft 365, formerly Office 365. Therefore, your Microsoft account section at the top of the Accounts page in Settings will show details about the information used and alerts. For example, if the payment method needs to be updated to avoid subscription suspension due to an expired debit card. Users without a Microsoft 365 subscription will have direct access to free versions of Office applications online from this section.

Also, Microsoft wants to make it easier to use an Android phone with Windows 11. From now on, all “clean” installations of Windows – that is, with the exception of automatic updates – will be offered to connect an Android smartphone during their initial configuration. directly with the PC.

The company will also continue to improve the visual consistency of the operating system, which is really necessary when we still see remnants of older versions in Windows 11. Adopt the graphics codes of Windows 11. Again in the graphics section, the Start menu will be further developed. Now when we overlay two pinned apps, a small animation will indicate that a folder will be created.

Finally, Microsoft wants to make Windows 11 an environmentally friendly operating system. Thus, Windows Update will change its operation to download and install updates at certain times of the day to adapt to hours when the electricity supplied comes from renewable sources. It’s hard to say for now whether this system, designed with ElectricMap and WattTime partners, will work or just greenwash it to clear your conscience.

The latest news

Microsoft kept its promise: Since February 15, 2022, Windows 11 has benefited from its first major update. Announced by operating system head Panos Panay in a post on the Windows blog titled “A new era for the PC” last month, and enthusiastically lauding the Redmond editor’s new operating system. And following a Tuesday Patch released on Tuesday, February 8th, which fixes many persistent bugs, some of which have caused performance drops on recent PCs, Microsoft has begun the general distribution of the new version of Windows 11 via Windows Update.

As always, Windows Insider program members had the opportunity to preview many new features, some of which are now included as standard, and some that will arrive later.

As promised, the February 2022 release of Windows 11 gets new apps as standard. More precisely, new versions of old applications, namely Notepad (Notepad) and Media Player (Windows multimedia player). Naturally taking advantage of the new Mica design of Windows 11, these new modules mainly benefit from modernized functionality. Thus, Notepad, which can enter a dark world, finally allows undoing in several levels instead of a single level, and benefits from an improved search and replace functionality.

For its part, the new Windows 11 trendy media player replaces Groove Music for playing music while offering better management of videos. It can also replace the existing Movies & TV app.

Finally, in the gadget and accessories section, in vain as they are popular, look forward to the introduction of the famous 3D emojis that Microsoft has already introduced and even introduced in its video conferencing app Teams. And we can already bet on the future popularity of these modern expressions, which will benefit from neat design and great richness, as if they will not bring anything functionally it will be an impressive 1,800!

But the publisher doesn’t say anything about other developments that have started via the Insider program. We don’t know any more about grouping all the settings within the parameters to put an end to this multi-item distribution and graphical inconsistency that has been going on since Windows 7.

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Microsoft seems particularly inspired by Windows 11. And the publisher has been extremely active since the launch of the new operating system, regularly releasing new versions with fixes, improvements and new functionality. So much so that it is sometimes difficult for the average user to keep up…