American Horror Story Season 11: The latest news on the return of the FX series (history, cast, script)

This American series created and produced by Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk Appeared on the channel for the first time in France Cinema + Trembling most May 5, 2012. Thus, the first six seasons are broadcast on this channel for five years until May 20, 2017. Since November 3, 2017 and the 7th season airing.american horror story Available on Canal+. After that, the first nine seasons are available on Netflix until March 2022.
The reactions are very positive, the series is appreciated all over the world in a short time. Mike Hale related to New York Times He also said about this:

It is a cult adult series that combines the success of the True Blood and The Walking Dead series.

Only this !

The cult cast will allow the series to win awards from 2012. Golden Globes and Emmy Awards. most Guinness Book of RecordsHe even attributes the “title” to American Horror Story in 2019. most popular horror series in the world“.

Here is the trailer of the last season released:

Ryan Murphy makes great art

Principleamerican horror story It is based on independent seasons, meaning each season tells its own story, independent of any preceding or following.
That said, Ryan Murphy did a few subtle hints at iconic characters and reintroduced them in the movie. cameo in the seasons.

The series, which deals with various themes, includes news or historical figures, fear, suffering, income and faint while addressing the controversial and taboo issues that our present society is still going through.

The first season will portray universal horror. haunted house. The appearances, the murders, the atmosphere of the season will quickly turn into a nightmare, showing us an excellent horror series full of suspense and chills.
The second season tells the story of a man. Mental hospital Where more than questionable experiments are done by patients at the mercy of an authoritarian and sadistic nun. Season three will focus on: legends of the witches of salem but in our time, this season combining brotherhood, betrayals and romance is by far the least terrifying yet the most iconic.

Season four features intriguing cabinets,” monster fairs“.
Season 5 tells the story of a man. haunted hotel First time we find where ghosts hang out Lady Gaga in the cast. Season 6 is about a person’s disappearance. colony in the 16th century. Season 7 will focus on sects Season 8 will think out of the ordinary and offer us a season. after the apocalypse. one in season 9 kill a child at holiday camp. The tenth and final season ever aired had a more confusing storyline and focused on a family living on it. paranormal events and aliens.

Season 11 in preparation

most January 9, 2020American chain FX announcedamerican horror story It would go on for three more seasons. So next season is far from being the last!

Showman Ryan Murphy, who is very close to his fans, took to Twitter in April 2021. survey on possible themes for next season. Aliens, Haunted Christmas, Bloody Mary, Piggy Man, Mermaids or Plague. For now, these are just speculations, mermaids what awaits us may very well be!

No date has been announced yet, but for the casting we will undoubtedly find Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters, Lily Rabe together Frances Conroy. The rest is still a secret! We will keep you informed of future announcements. Stay tuned!

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