An important outcome for PS survival, first data

Anne Hidalgo: A key outcome for PS survival, first data

HIDALGO. PS candidate Anne Hidalgo will be determined: a vote will take place on her behalf at polling stations this Sunday for the first round of the 2022 presidential election. So what will be the result? First trends and latest news…

A point about the socialist party: How does he envision the post-campaign?

If candidate Anne Hidalgo doesn’t reach the top title, at least the Socialists won’t be surprised, given all her hopes for the 2022 presidential election. Occitania president Carole Delga, who, at the candidate meeting in Limoges on 22 March, predicted that this election would set the “conditions necessary for the left government to redeem itself” and assured her that she will get “all her share”, later confirmed that the PS candidate will arrive in Toulouse on 26 March. who want to invest in the restructuring of the party, as announced at its meeting. to “promote a new movement”.

Anne Hidalgo went to District 15 to vote

Several 2022 presidential candidates have already arrived to vote. This is especially true for Anne Hidalgo, who was the first person to go to the polls this Sunday morning. The current mayor of Paris voted in the 15th district of the metropolis.

Support of François Hollande: a turning point in the PS candidate’s presidential campaign?

On March 22, 2022, the former leader of the left decided to formalize his support for the island. During Anne Hidalgo’s meeting in Limoges, François Hollande said: “I am loyal and loyal, especially when it is difficult”. Congratulating the mayor of Paris for his “courage” and “punishment”, he assured him “all his support” and urged, above all, to “continue the great movement called socialism”. Knowing that the former president had hitherto been little involved in Anne d’Hidalgo’s campaign, this support was eagerly awaited by the latter, who warmly thanked him in tribute to his presidency. This was followed by the support of former Socialist Prime Minister Lionel Jospin on 29 March, with a delay. Will this support affect votes in favor of PS? The results for tonight will tell us.

What will be the security measures if selected?

In terms of security, Anne Hidalgo’s goals for this 2022 presidential election are to strengthen resources. As a first step, it plans to revise the 2019-2025 military programming law upwards to “better account for” new threats to space or digital. On the ground, he wants to employ more police and gendarmes to “develop ties with the residents,” knowing that any recruiting will be accompanied by a budget to improve living and working conditions. It aims to do the same for intelligence agencies responsible for counter-terrorism, by strengthening facilities.

What is he planning to respond to the climate emergency?

Anne Hidalgo, the candidate for the 2022 presidential election, wants to include ecology in institutions beyond the use of nuclear energy as a “transitional energy”. Possibility to recognize the “crime of environmental destruction” and to establish an environmental advocate. Also, under his direction, the number two person would be climate and biodiversity minister, while a climate and biodiversity budget would be voted annually by Parliament and a fair transition fund would be expanded.

What vision does he have for European politics and integration?

Keyword: Give the European Parliament more room, for example, by allowing it to amend the European multi-year budget, better control the list of European tax havens, or give MEPs the final word in adopting regulations. In addition, if he wants the stability and growth pact to come to an end, it is to establish a new progress pact with rules that “all citizens can understand” as in his program. Finally, immigration management will be done at the European level as States want to distribute them more equitably according to their reception capacity. The results of the first round of the 2022 presidential election tonight will show us whether Anne Hidalgo has a chance to defend her ideas for Europe in the second round.

Anne Hidalgo voted in Paris

She will be the first of 12 candidates to cast their votes in the ballot box for the presidential election: Anne Hidalgo noted that she cast her ballots at 8:45 am on Sunday, April 10, at the polling station in the 15th district of Paris. France Info available on the spot.

Will gender equality be a reason for the five-year mandate?

If elected in the 2022 presidential election, the PS candidate’s first measure will be to re-establish the ministry of women’s rights, and with a budget of 1 billion euros, magistrates will ensure the legal protection of women. Regarding sexual violence, if it wants “better trained” police and judges, as its program states, it aims above all to take measures similar to Spain’s for aggravated penalties and removal of violent spouses, while at the same time providing social and psychological support for women. and children who have witnessed violence.

What will Anne Hidalgo’s immigration policy be like if she is elected in the 2022 presidential election?

If Anne Hidalgo wins this presidential election, she plans to work for the “integration” of immigrants through language, school and culture and at the same time work for the “right” by saying “we can’t do without immigration” regularly on her twitter account. vote in local elections,” she said. In her program, she talks about a “thoughtful and peaceful” policy that will ensure that refugees are “received with dignity under all circumstances”. She also wants to streamline the “undocumented people who have been resident in France for a long time” while tackling illegal immigration, she says.

Exit or reinvestment, what does Anne Hidalgo recommend for nuclear?

Very quickly, the socialist candidate rejected the idea of ​​a complete break with nuclear power. It’s taking a more moderate path, using electricity from existing nuclear power plants through a “big coating”—an industrial project that extends its operational life beyond the planned 40 years. So, if he thinks it’s “impossible” to get out of nuclear power in 20 years, as he told franceinfo on January 21, he doesn’t want to “open new power plants”, but rather directs these investments into renewable energy. The PS candidate will be able to implement these measures only if he achieves sufficient results to reach the second round of the 2022 presidential election, which falls this evening.

What will be Anne Hidalgo’s measures for purchasing power if elected?

The socialist candidate aims to increase his purchasing power. In this sense, if he wins the 2022 presidential election, his first major measure will be to increase the minimum wage, which is currently 1,269 euros, to 200 euros, and the second to increase the minimum old age to 1,000 euros, net. Also, in response to rising gasoline prices, he wants to reduce gas and electricity bills by 12 percent by reducing VAT to 5.5 percent, saying “We are never against ecology and sociality” in the program’s main interview. France face off à la guerre” on 14 March.

To know Anne Hidalgo’s result in the 2022 presidential election, it will be necessary to wait until 8 pm when the first estimates are released when the polls close. This result will be announced at the top of this page and directly in relation to the outcome of the presidential election. These numbers will be consolidated throughout the evening and the result of the first round should be finalized late at night.

Anne Hidalgo will have struggled in the polls as soon as she gets tested there. The mayor of Paris saw his ratings slowly decline in the inner reaches of the campaign, and he positioned himself behind two other left-wing candidates, Jean-Luc Mélenchon and Yannick Jadot. As a reminder, PS candidate Benoît Hamon received 6.36% of the vote in the last presidential election.