Anger boils at L’Expression: Society – Taghzouit


Located on the outskirts of the city of Béjaïa, the villages of Taghzouit, Targa Ouzemour, Aïn Skhoune and Bouhoual lack everything. Anger is unbearable.

In recent years, several villages have sprung up on the outskirts of Béjaïa. They are constantly stretching their arms with the ever-increasing needs for drinking water, energy, roads, sanitation and other social infrastructure demands… as for the unsatisfaction of their claims. Despite the steps taken with local governments and the custody, where the collective consisting of duly approved associations came together and the last meeting stretched until the end of March, their living environment did not change. “In the face of the lack of response to our numerous reminders and the dissatisfaction of our fellow citizens with the collective of associations in their villages, the social situation that has been going on for years and has not been supported until today. Authorities concerned, we deeply regret that you did not respect your commitments”, writes the collective in a letter addressed to the governor of Béjaïa, reminding the concerns that were once again voiced through a solicitation platform by the associations. Life in these villages is not good.
abandoned neighborhoods
Failures are everywhere and plague the lives of residents. With an average of 80 students per class, Taghzouit Primary School, which hosts 1350 students in double shifts, has been surpassed. It is one of the demands of the collective to include new primary schools, CEM, vocational training center and high school in this area of ​​80,000 inhabitants. Construction of a water tower to end the recurrent shortage of drinking water that has forced citizens to resort to a water supply of 1000 dinars per tank. A plot of land for this purpose is available in Ikuvav, showing residents demanding the acceleration of work on the new AEP network and the renewal of the existing network. In terms of sanitation, the demand is related to the renewal of existing networks, the creation of new networks in various districts. Cleaning and channeling the valleys are the imperatives of the hour that need to be taken care of within the required times. The same applies to rainwater drainage. Projects related to this chapter, which has been registered for years, have not been carried out until today. It is a matter of promptly putting an end to faulty and anarchic networks, eliminating existing cesspools at the several district level, to put an end to infiltration problems that may affect public health. Insecurity and the complete absence of administrative infrastructure complicate the daily lives of residents who have to travel at high costs. As a result, the collective urban security demands the creation of a Sonelgaz payment agency, a post office and a polyclinic. The care of young people who lack sports and cultural infrastructures is another obligation to be solved in the Taghzouit region with the registration of sports and cultural projects such as local stadiums, playgrounds, youth center and library. The associations advocate the construction of a Bourbiaâ-level sports complex, a zoo and amusement park. The emergence of neighborhoods and dead ends becomes a necessity. It is also important to think about widening the main road and resuming proprietary projects, 65% of which have not been done to date.
Threats to school children
Many neighborhoods are not illuminated. The installation of new high-power transformers can put an end to voltage dips and repetitive blackouts. The same applies to the supply of city gas to certain neighborhoods, as well as the management of neighborhood electricity projects currently blocked between APC and Sonelgaz. Second, he must consider how to move the annoying supports of buildings using their facades. The increase in the number of buses and the creation of new lines to Bouhawal, Thakarkarth, Targua Ouzemour, Ikouvav and Thala Oumyal is a necessity of the hour, as is the expansion of existing lines such as Sidi Ahmed-Boulevard Amirouche, Ighil Ouazoug towards Aïn. Towards Skhoune-University PK17 Altik, Targua Ouzemour RN24 and Taghzouit RN24. The apparent lack of bus stops and the reorganization of bus stops, as well as the placement of road signs and non-existing road signs worry residents who call for a new and efficient traffic plan at the city level. traffic jams during rush hour. Hygiene and environment mentions on the demand platform that there are no neighborhood-level household garbage bins, while hygiene and environment should not be exceeded, as domestic waste collection trucks ignore certain neighborhoods.