Anthony Todt’s latest trial – Father convicted of murdering his wife and 3 children while vacationing in Florida and living with rotting corpses – Reuters


Celebration man ANTHONY Todt, who was charged with murdering his wife, three children and family dog ​​in 2019, was found guilty after hours of jury deliberation.

Todt was found guilty of four counts of first-degree murder and one count of animal cruelty.

Anthony Todt was found guilty of murdering his wife and three children and the family dog.Credit: AP

He was sentenced to life imprisonment without the possibility of parole for the murders. He was also sentenced to one year in state prison for the death of the dog.

Family members of the victim were given the opportunity to speak before sentencing.

“It’s been a nightmare for two and a half years. Tony crushed his entire family by doing this,” said Cynthia Copco, Todt’s wife, Megan’s aunt and the children’s godmother.

Copco said that all he has left are photos and memories of the children and Megan, whom he describes as the sweetest person.

“He was very kind, full of empathy,” she said. “They were just fun. All the kids in Celebration played together. The kids loved their dad: Are you going to kill me? … It’s such a trauma for a kid.

Todt stood up and claimed his innocence. His lawyer encouraged him to sit down.

“You’re the one who destroys worlds,” the judge said to Todt before giving his verdict.

He will have 30 days to appeal his conviction. The jury had hit a stalemate on some counts before.


Todt was formally charged with four murders and animal cruelty on January 29, 2020, and may now face the death penalty.

The married father of three had been living with rotting corpses in the family’s Disney vacation home for weeks before the Osceola County Sheriff’s Office found him during a checkup.

It was later revealed that his wife Megan, Alex (13) Tyler (11), Zoe (4), and their dog Breezy may have died on December 29 when police conducted a previous welfare check at the request of a family member.

Police said the bodies were in an advanced stage of decomposition at the time, and one of their sons was partially mummified.

A long delay is usually in the defense’s favor, but this particular case has become so public that, according to Jones, the “evidence is strong”, he doesn’t think it will affect the case.

“It’s an interesting case, but a disturbing one,” Jones said.


Before Todt’s defense team made a move to exclude confessions, they tried to print “shocking” photos of the decomposed corpses of his supposed victims.

Boz crime scene photos were released shortly after Todt’s arrest.

The photos included the hunting knives he allegedly used, two boxes of Benadryl tablets and a bottle of antihistamine syrup.

Police also found a bloody mattress, foot iron and a gun, according to the criminal complaint.

The defense argued in court documents that the corpse crime scene photos were “extremely biased”.

Photos of the bodies have not been made public, but are expected to be shown to the jury during the trial.

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