Are the APA teachers on the bench?


The law of democratization of sport that expands adapted physical activity (APA), with difficulty passed, is already beginning to creep in among APA teachers who call themselves the “forgotten greats”.

February 24, 2022, the Democratization of Sports Act (known as “March 2, 2022”) is passed as final by the National Assembly. The prescription for sports by health professionals, extending to chronic diseases, gender equality in the governing bodies of sports federations, access to sports equipment of associations (…), the purpose is clear: “… sports-health (article at link below).

Bitter-tasting observations

Sure it’s a nice showcase two years before the Paris 2024 Games, but it still hides a few bitter-tasting shortcomings. The law now regulates the opening of Adapted Physical Activity (APA), which is “ more stakeholders, especially sports federations, nurses (among other things, allowing the prescription to be renewed) and civil services », mention APA teachers Cyril Thiolier and Stéphane Dijoux. But about what rehabilitation and integration professionals through physical activity Who is at the forefront in this field? Their job is to supervise physical, sports and artistic activity sessions with the disabled and the elderly, people with chronic illnesses or social integration difficulties, medico-social organizations, sports associations or patients and even health sports. centers (article at the link below). gold “ the point here is to give new privileges to other professionals. (or volunteers), Without the sports law that mentions APA teachers who are not experts in the APA field and at any time “, they add. Fatigue and a feeling of being largely forgotten have won the ranks of an already suffering profession today. Confronted with this observation, a petition is put online (link below).

Salary equal to minimum wage

Despite their university education, they paid slightly more than the minimum wage (Science and techniques of physical and sporting activities STAPS – APA), a ” Lack or even absence of recognition by the Ministry of Sports “. They are afraid that professionals will interfere in their place. understaffed or not equipped to care for special needs people with various pathologies or moderate to severe limitations “. They welcome the black and white inscription of their profession in the sports code. STAPS APA graduates as qualified practitioners to tailor physical activities to the patient’s pathology, physical abilities, and medical risk. but, paradoxically, it is not included in the 2016* decree or the law of March 2, 2022 that complements it. Legal ambiguity remains even in the employment contracts of APA teachers who do not specifically state their status; just the inscription “ sports trainer visible.

Coming out of the shadows and insecurity »

Angry, the profession now demands recognition of its expertise by statutes and legislation, and “ emphasizing and emphasizing in decrees and laws on adapted physical activity “. They also want the 2 March law to be clarified, better integrated as well as a wage increase.” reimbursement policy for APAs by health insurance ” to participate in the drafting of currently being discussed or future legal texts, ” get out of the shadows and insecurity “.

*Decree of 2016 on the conditions for the implementation of adapted physical activity prescribed by the attending physician to patients with a long-term illness

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