Are there really “20 new taxes” in the Nupes program, as Macron said?


The battle continues between the presidential majority behind Emmanuel Macron and the Nupes behind his main rival, Jean-Luc Mélenchon, according to the latest polls for the legislative election. Although the start of the election campaign was slow, attacks between the two camps have intensified in recent days as the first round approaches on Sunday, June 12.

In Clichy-sous-Bois on Seine-Saint-Denis, on land in Jean-Luc Mélenchon’s favour, Emmanuel Macron took the opportunity to put a layer on the Nupes program. For him, this is a “prohibition and taxation project”. “His projects explain to people that they will be banned from cutting trees in their homes. There are 20 new taxation. This is not a good project for the country.The president set off, taking the arguments his camp had unfolded since the weekend, estimating that the country “needs stability and ambition.”35 times ‘forbidden’ word‘”.

But there seems to be some confusion about the number of new taxation alleged in the Nupes program. on June 4, ParisianEmmanuel Macron said, “I read the Nupes program. They quoted the word ‘taxation’ 20 times and 30 times the word ‘ban’, which gives a pretty clear idea of ​​the spirit of the program”.

Confusion in the figures announced

Yes, the words “tax”, “tax”, “tax” or “taxonomy” appear 20 times in the common Nupes program. But no, there is no “20 new taxation” as suggested Wednesday. concretely, 9 suggestions from the Nupes program regarding a new tax or strengthening of an already in effect:

one. Bring a substantial tax on financial transactions
2. Create a customs shield through a kilometer tax in favor of local production with a low ecological footprint
3. Reinstate and strengthen the solidarity tax on wealth (ISF), including a climate component aimed at taxing major pollutants calculated based on the carbon footprint of owned assets.
4. Restore the exit tax lifted by Emmanuel Macron
5. Tax companies benefiting from the health crisis and the consequences of the Ukrainian crisis and diverting their revenues to necessary investments and ecological and social bifurcation
6. Overhaul property tax to stagger so everyone pays their real total assets
7. Tax highly speculative real estate transactions through a progressive tax to fund the fight against substandard housing
8. Relaunch the GAFAM tax project, which aims to increase the contribution of large groups to the financing of online content creation
9. Increasing taxes on sports broadcasts on television to contribute to the financing of amateur sports

Regarding the word “forbidden”, Emmanuel Macron allegedly “takes time to read” the program on Wednesday. “Forbidden” available 35 times In the Nupes program. Therefore, the President was more prominent than on June 4.

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