“AS Monaco always strives to be at the forefront of new technologies”


After Paris Saint-Germain, AS Monaco became the second Ligue 1 club to embark on the Fan Tokens adventure, issuing the first $ASM tokens in partnership with Socios.com last January. An initiative that should allow AS Monaco to further consult with its fans in decision-making while reinforcing its status as a club at the forefront of innovation. During an interview with Ecofoot, Tyson Henly, AS Monaco’s Chief Commercial Officer, takes stock of the first projects realized in the world of Fan Tokens.

How can $ASM Fan Token be an additional tool for fan engagement? How does the club plan to revive the community of fans holding club tokens?

Interacting with our fans is always key to our thinking as a club. We recently partnered with Sorare and this partnership with Socios.com is another step in this new way of engaging with our supporters. It allows us to offer them a complementary experience by being even more part of the club. It is a unique opportunity for them to form a lifelong bond with AS Monaco and is an unprecedented innovation in the possibility available to them to join their club.

At a very affordable price – €2 in the initial sales phase, called FTO (note: Fan Token Offer) – buyers have access to many benefits: the possibility to earn rewards such as voting during club consultations or VIP access to home matches or experiences “Money Can’t Buy” during games and exams. We want to bring this Fan Token to life as much as possible and in the best way possible to give our fans the best experience with many activations.

We have already initiated 2 consultations and for the first of these, we invited our fans to choose the special patch our players will wear during the Paris SG reception on March 20, more than 7,000 people attended. That’s about one-third of the total holders of our Fan Token, which is a very good result compared to the figures of other clubs Socios.com has collaborated with. For the second consultation, we asked our fans to decide on the next historic kit the club would re-release, and once again we created a wave of enthusiasm in our community.

We proceed with humility as this is a new and growing universe. We look at what other clubs, leagues and sports federations are doing, listen to how our fans want to join, test and learn to provide the best possible experience. We will also benefit from the know-how of Socios.com, a partner of more than one hundred leading sports organizations worldwide. This is an exciting new adventure. We have all the cards, now it’s up to us!

“Over 7,000 people attended our initial consultation”

This partnership also gives us the opportunity to forge innovative collaborations, such as with renowned artist Nairone Defives, who designed custom patches for the match against Paris SG and was voted on by Fan Token holders during our initial consultation.

Aren’t Fan Tokens mainly aimed at fans who live far from their heart club’s residence? A particularly effective way to involve communities of supporters living abroad?

The peculiarity of AS Monaco is that the majority of the club’s fans live outside of our region. We have more than 20 million subscribers on our social networks – 1time Ligue 1 fanbase and club behind Paris SG ranked 16thpearl Somewhere in Europe – while the population of the city of Monaco is less than 40,000. That’s why we need to find levers to approach them and create commitment by offering them new experiences.

However, Fan Tokens are a very effective way to achieve this goal. Proof that Fan Tokens are sold in over 120 different countries in the first 48 hours of our FTO. However, they also allow us to strengthen the loyalty of our local supporters who are delighted to be able to obtain Fan Tokens and become more involved in AS Monaco’s activities. That’s why we appeal to our entire community of fans, local or international, to help them strengthen their commitment to the club.

“In the first 48 hours of our FTO, $ASM Fan Tokens were sold in over 120 different countries”

Has the club planned measures to guard against speculative events? Have you taken any action to support the token sale to ASM fans?

Our $ASM Fan Token is designed for our fans. Therefore, unlike all other Fan Token auction systems, we have released ours in multiple sessions, with a limited number of Fan Tokens per person per session. That’s why our backers have had time to get their $ASM Fan Tokens. And they are guaranteed to represent the majority of token holders, assuring them that their democratic vote will be respected during various consultations and that their votes will be counted even if they only have a few tokens.

We chose the method “Selling the best, not the fast” To provide a true representation of our Fans among Fan Token holders. This method finally paid off in our FTO, with $280,000 ASM Fan Tokens sold to over 22,000 people, making our operation the 5th most purchased FTO of all clubs that have launched Fan Tokens with Socios.com. . This is the first time a club and Socios.com have implemented such a listing system. That’s why we were pioneers and this approach was very positive.

“It is in AS Monaco’s DNA to be present in all matters related to new technologies that represent strong potential”

How does the club’s commitment to Fan Tokens demonstrate AS Monaco’s desire to engage in new technologies and digital innovation?

As a club, we always try to be at the forefront of new technologies as well as in the field of sports. We are the only Ligue 1 club together with Paris SG to issue our Fan Token. We were pioneers in the creation of our esports division. Finally, with 20 million subscribers worldwide on our social networks, 16pearl The largest digital audience in Europe; therefore, it is important to appeal to this great community through innovative topics. It is in AS Monaco’s DNA to be present in all aspects of new technologies that represent strong potential.

“AS Monaco always strives to be at the forefront of new technologies”