AVA strengthens travel insurance offering for post-covid international travel


Guarantees essential to a travel insurance contract in a hyperconnected and post-pandemic society

It is not enough to have insurance to travel in peace, it should also include guarantees adapted to accommodation, whether tourist, professional or study abroad.

Guarantee and waiver ceilings vary from one insurer to the next, if contracts often include the payment of medical expenses, civil liability, and repatriation assistance. It also takes great care in ensuring that the travel restrictions, assistance guarantees and certificates that are still in effect in dozens of destinations comply with the requirements of different countries.

Many reinforcements have been made to AVA contracts to meet the new expectations of subscribers. two solutions,AVAILABLE TRANSITION andADVANTAGES 360including special covid guarantees. accommodation costs in case of quarantine and travel cancellation includes positive PCR/antigen tests.

Outside of the context of the pandemic, new travel trends have created the need for supplements that are more adaptable to each individual traveller. lead to options such asAVA SPORT+proposing an amortization of the exclusion of airsports practices or an expansion of warranties to paid activities for optional students Health Plan Studies.

Among the most sought-after warranties,nomad property insurance. This includes devices high technologyIncluding computers, smartphones, drones and cameras in case of damage or theft abroad. This guarantee is a real asset, covering essential study tools for students, tourists and digital nomads.

To meet this growing need among travelers, AVA, AVA TECH+ It offers two levels of coverage up to €3,000 as compensation.

And to facilitate the preparation of the trip, the insurance certificate required by some countries can be downloaded from the subscription.

AVA travel insurance solutions

> expatriate

For over 25 years AVA,AVA EXPATA high-risk insurance with a basic formula that covers medical costs of up to €500,000 and can be expanded to cover dental, optical and comfort care.

Expats temporarily returning to Europe can also subscribeAVA Incoming Classic

> Business trips

Taking into account the democratization of nomadic work highlighted by the COVID-19 pandemic, AVA has strengthened its professional contracting spectrum with two new high-risk solutions:

  • DigiNomad Health Plan. In addition to premium guarantees such as unlimited medical expenses and maintenance of services in France during a temporary return, this contract includes insurance and facility liability for nomadic goods.
  • AVA PASS PRO. One of the best professional solutions, this contract also covers post-quarantine accommodation costs and post-flight and/or baggage delay compensation.

> Tourist accommodation

AVA strengthened the scope of the annual tourism contract to meet the needs of the era.ADVANTAGES 360. In addition to the classic travel insurance guarantees and covid coverage, this contract includes cancellation of subscriptions and sports and leisure activities in France.

> Practical information

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