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Let’s go back to the information and other announcements that have left their mark on the world of tourism and travel recently. A selection of the main ones in this field – purely subjective…

Dubai in November

one – 126 million new jobs in tourism by 2032
A possible return to “normal” in 2023 and further encouraging post-Covid expectations for the coming years, the tourism sector may need 126 million more people by 2032, when it can account for 11.3% of the total world economy.

2 – Soon we will be able to use our holiday vouchers to pay for train tickets
Thanks to dematerialization, holiday vouchers will soon be used to purchase train tickets online. It’s already in paper format for those done in agencies or counters.

3 – Air/rail transfer: what are the benefits?
Would stopping short-haul airlines and transferring them to rail at European level be so environmentally beneficial? This is the question posed by the results of a study that indicated that these transfers could trigger other environmental, social and economic costs and thus reduce the benefits of the measure.

4 – Venice wants to ban ‘cheap’ souvenir shops
Still in a policy of reducing participation and changing its image, the city of Venice has chosen to ban the establishment of new “low-cost” souvenir shops in its centre.

5 – The museum of the future for Dubai
will be one “the new global hub for future thinking, technologies and innovation”. These are indeed the goals of this new museum, which seeks to reflect the rapid evolution of the intellectual landscape in fields such as science, artificial intelligence or space exploration.

6 – New tourist areas planned around Agadir
This is part of current or future tourism investments in Morocco. Agadir and its region will thus benefit from fifteen new development projects, some of which are currently under completion. In many things related to surfing, animal areas or, more broadly, ecotourism.

7 – Opening of London’s ‘super underground’ first line
On June 30, Elizabeth Line will open as the first new line of London’s “super underground”. Faster and more convenient, it will cross the British capital from east to west for a hundred kilometers with about forty stations, including Heathrow airport.

8 – New signage for French beaches
In order to bring the signs on all French beaches to European standards, the flags on them are changing shape and the famous blue flags are now being replaced by red and yellow flags.

9 – Schengen visas will soon go digital
The EU plans to offer digital visas in the near future to citizens of around a hundred countries worldwide who must have a visa to enter the European region.

10 – Mediation requests increased in France in 2021
This is not just one of the consequences of Covid. The number of mediations for travel disputes rose 10% when it exceeded 20,000 in 2021, two-thirds of which were related to the pandemic.

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