Belarus says it is ready for talks between Kyiv and Moscow, which will start on Monday

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08:38 : Hi there @Solidarity. The few testimonies shared on social networks really share the difficulties that students, especially Nigerians, faced to leave Ukraine and reach Poland. A BBC reporter spoke to the two of them. First, a medical student assured him that blacks were forced to let whites pass at border controls with Poland. Another student said that this discrimination was made by Ukrainian soldiers. Polish customs, contacted by the journalist, assured that anyone can cross the border.

08:31 : Hello, I read on social networks that African students are prevented from escaping, getting on trains or returning from the Polish border. What do you say? Is there discrimination in Ukraine when everyone is suffering the war waged by the Russians? It would be unbearable. Thank you !

08:23 : “We’re in a European population, an older population. 25% of people are over 60 years old, so these are slightly more vulnerable populations. Mostly women and children, that’s what we see in Romania or Poland, because the men were left at war.”
Those fleeing the conflict in Ukraine “definitely much more” More than the United Nations estimates (which lists 368,000 refugees and displaced people since the start of the Russian invasion on Thursday), Care’s director general fears franceinfo.

08:19 : Here is a new point in the news:

One of the representatives of the President of Ukraine announced that direct talks between Ukraine and Russia will begin this morning. One of Franceinfo’s special envoys to Ukraine reported that the Ukrainian delegation had difficulties in getting to the place where it was to meet with the Russian delegation. Follow our live stream.

The Russian ruble tumbled nearly 30% against the dollar this morning after international powers imposed new and tougher sanctions on Moscow over its invasion of Ukraine. In particular, the EU banned the broadcast of Russia Today and Sputnik channels. The organization will also buy weapons to help Ukraine for the first time in its history.

The IPCC, the international group of experts on the UN climate, has published the second part of its new report. This component is about the effects of accelerating climate change.

43,000 Australians have been told to evacuate as heavy rains have caused record flooding and killed at least eight people. The Australian Meteorological Agency has warned that heavy thunderstorms and heavy rains will continue. “life-threatening flooding” In most of the central Pacific coastal region.

07:53 : According to the franceinfo correspondent in Moscow, due to the war in Ukraine and the decline of the ruble, trading on the Moscow Stock Exchange was suspended until 15.00. According to Bloomberg, the ruble fell almost 30% in international trade this morning due to the European Union’s ban on trading with the Russian Central Bank.

07:40 : Hi there @Laurent and @RomuA Ukrainian delegation and a Russian delegation will exchange on the border between Ukraine and Belarus this morning. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belarus published a photo of the room where the discussions will take place on social networks. “The place where the talks between Russia and Ukraine will be held in Belarus is ready and we are waiting for the delegations,” he said.does he write?

07:37 : Hello, have the negotiations started?

07:36 : Who participates in the talks between Ukraine and Russia? Was the president of Ukraine there or did he send a delegation?

07:30 : Hello to all three. According to the Ukrainian military, Russian forces made the attempt last night. “A lot of time” To attack the outskirts of Kiev, however, these attacks were repulsed. “The situation in the capital of our homeland is under control”reassured the military, again on Facebook. Oleksiï Arestovitch, adviser to the Ukrainian president, quoted by AFP, said the capital was targeted by three Russian missile strikes, one of which was destroyed in one night. According to the latter, the city of Berdyansk is now “occupied by our enemy”he said in a video posted on Telegram that night.

According to Ukrainian media, powerful explosions occurred last night in Kharkov (northeast), the country’s second-largest city, where Ukrainian forces say they have regained control. Finally, the Russian Ministry of Defense claimed that it besieged the city of Kherson.

07:24 : Hello, can you tell us a little bit about Ukrainian nightlife? Thank you

07:23 : Hello. How was the night in Ukraine? Should we be worried about Putin’s threat? I admit that I am very scared, this situation is frightening….

07:23 : Hello, thanks for this live broadcast, can you inform us about the situation in Kiev?

07:18 : Beware of false information on Facebook. According to Meta, pro-Russian groups “operate websites that appear to be independent news entities and create fake profiles on social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Telegram, as well as (Russian networks) Odnoklassniki and VK”. The company pointed out that it has blocked a large number of fake accounts affiliated with the Russian state.

06:57 : Yesterday, Vladimir Putin put the Russian nuclear deterrents on alert. escalation “unacceptable”, for the United States and “irresponsible”, To NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg. This morning, this announcement is in any case one of the many headlines in the French press.

06:40 : “I come with simple military equipment: a plate carrier, a bulletproof vest, and rangers. On the other hand, I don’t have a gun, but we don’t cross the border with a gun.”

The French, however, are preparing to take up arms to defend Ukraine against Russian invasion. Several people in France say they are determined to go to Kiev to fight Vladimir Putin’s army. Franceinfo contacted several of them.

08:41 : Canada also closed its airspace to Russian airlines yesterday. Despite this ban, a plane belonging to the Russian company Aeroflot flew over eastern Canada last night, according to an online statement from the private flight site, which AFP consulted. “We are launching an investigation into the conduct of Aeroflot and NAVCAN, the independent air navigation services provider, that led to this violation.” The Canadian Ministry of Transport reacted on Twitter.

08:40 : Yesterday, the EU announced that it will buy weapons to help Ukraine. A few hours ago, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said on Twitter that he spoke about this issue on the phone with European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen. In a series of messages, he also claims to have exchanged views with his Polish counterpart, Andrzej Duda, as well as with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

08:38 : In this context, operators are increasingly concerned about an energy crisis. This morning, the price of one barrel of WTI crude oil (used as a reference in the US) rose more than 6% and Brent (reference in European markets) increased by more than 5%. Shortly before 5am, WTI was up 6.27% to $97.33 and Brent was up 5.24% to $103.06.

08:38 : The Russian ruble has lost almost 30% against the dollar this morning. A drop that came as international powers imposed new, tougher sanctions on Moscow on Sunday.

08:37 : Here is a point that should be remembered first from the nightly news: Russia is being tried in a session at the UN General Assembly. “emergency private session” Its 193 members are asked to position themselves in favor of democracy and the sovereignty of Ukraine, or the warlike invasion decided by Vladimir Putin.

The Russian ruble tumbled nearly 30% against the dollar this morning after international powers imposed new and tougher sanctions on Moscow over its invasion of Ukraine. The EU announced yesterday that for the first time in its history, it will buy weapons to help Ukraine.

US President Joe Biden will hold a conference call with his allies and partners today. “improvements” Russian aggression in Ukraine and “to coordinate” a “combined response”said the White House.

The IPCC, the international group of experts on the UN climate, has published the second part of its new report. This component is about the effects of accelerating climate change.