Best Free Sports Apps For PC Windows 11/10


For many, sport is life. They don’t watch sports; sport is breathing. Every score, every reaction is breathtaking for them. If you’re addicted to sports, you may realize how important it is to get updates at the right time. A true sports fan wouldn’t wait to see the result later in the news.

Whether it’s mobile phone apps or PC apps, uploading and streaming sports is very useful.



Best Free Sports Apps For PC Windows 11/10

Here is the list of the most popular sports apps. Please note that they are region specific, whether on PC or mobile versions.


ESPN.  Image Courtesy: Microsoft Store

ESPN is arguably the most popular Windows app for sports news. The ESPN app covers almost all possible sports recorded. It covers international sports as well as local sporting events and other lesser-known sports. Along with news, live updates and minute by minute ratings, the app offers a personalized experience where the user can subscribe and add favorites, check history and more. and fast. The interface is user-friendly and to some extent smart. It records your activity and enhances your experience.


sports apps for windows 10

This application is limited to the European region and does not cover local sports. For the region itself, this is one of the most popular applications. The app publishes more than 150 blogs every day covering almost every major sport. It broadcasts matches live in the app itself and even records them so they can be checked later. So if you’re left without a TV in your office, you can watch the game later. However, the app does not work outside of Europe. If you want to watch a football match in Spain while in Brazil, Eurosport will not work.

3]MSN Sports

Sports app.  Image courtesy: Microsoft Store.

Sports is the new name of MSN Sports. Sports does not offer live game streaming. You don’t need to log in to add favorites and customize the app. Data depends on the device on which the app is installed and is deleted when uninstalling the app. The Sports app covers over 150 leagues including NFL, NCAA, NBA, MLB, Football and Football. It is fast and easy to use.

4]Yahoo Sports

Yahoo Sports.  Image courtesy: Microsoft Store.

Apart from its beautiful interface and attractive front view, it is one of the easiest-to-use sports apps series. They need the least amount of taps to validate anything you want. The apps are free if you allow ads that are too small to bother anyone. They offer the ability to add favorites like sports news and other apps. As a plugin, the apps can be integrated with your social media accounts. Yahoo sports apps have the ability to hide sports that are not of interest to users. Series, Football, Cricket etc. Includes apps.

5]Watch ESPN

Best Free Sports Apps For PC Windows 11/10

Watch ESPN is the version of the ESPN app that allows live streaming of matches. It is available in a limited number of countries and is considered the best app for streaming sports. Unlike Eurosport, it covers matches from most of the world’s top leagues.

All apps have their own pros and cons. If you’re outside of Europe and North America, you may not be able to stream sports even if you’re prepared to pay for it. So, check if the app is fully functional in your area.

You can download them from: Windows Store.