Best Sports News Apps in 2021


Today, a simple smartphone is all it takes to keep up with all the sports news. Thanks to numerous sports news applications, sports fans will be able to follow their favorite teams and their favorite athletes wherever and whenever they are. Focus on these apps that make sports fans happy.


This app allows sports fans to follow live scores as well as professional reviews. The application has an extension that allows its users to follow the live matches of the top leagues. ESPN is available for iOS and Android devices.

Thuuz Sports

It is one of the best sports apps. Thuuz Sports allows its users to follow the most interesting sporting events. The app covers American sports leagues especially for those in the United States. Users can also receive alerts for their favorite teams.


Ideal for getting interesting information and podcasts about your favorite sports. It also allows you to follow live scores and opinions from sports experts. Articles from professional journalists available in the app let you know a little more about your favorite teams. The Athletic is available for download on iOS and Android.


With this application, users can follow live scores, sports programs and game statistics 24/7. 365 lets you receive notification alerts and sports news in a few clicks. The app is easily downloaded on Android and iOS.


Score allows sports fans to follow the latest news and share their opinions with other fans. The app also has chat and messaging functionality. These features allow users to connect with sports fans all over the world. Chat can also be configured for group chat.

bleach report

The news company has an app of the same name. Second, it provides news about many sports teams. The application can be configured to allow its users to follow their favorite teams. The application takes its resources from social networks such as Instagram and Twitter. The Bleach Report also provides forecasts, rankings and statistics. The application is considered one of the most complete in terms of information.

yahoo sports

The app offers a wide range of sports coverage.

Yahoo indeed has several blogs for users to learn details about various sports. The app offers traditional news and modern blogs. Yahoo sports covers many sports events, even the biggest ones. For example, fans of the Olympic Games will be able to receive news through the app. Yahoo sports provides a positive sports news app experience.

Individual sports team applications

Professional sports teams often have their own apps. The latter is usually tied to leagues and run by team-specific writers. There are many individual applications. They only allow you to follow local sports information.