Biography of Julien Pasquet: journalism, private life, couple


We know Julien Pasquet as the host of the show. Evening Information at Cnews. This journalist has had an exemplary career. After graduating from Sorbonne University in information and communication, she continued as a freelance writer, then He He becomes a reporter first and then an animator. It integrates into The big Cnews family in 2009.

Julien Pasquet
Julien Pasquet
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Despite his bad reputation in the audiovisual world, Julien Pasquet is very secretive about his private life. After her affair with journalist Emilie Broussouloux was made public, she does not reveal any part of the family bubble.

Summary profile

Name surname Julien Pasquet
Date of birth June 23, 1981
Age 41 years
Horoscope Cancer
Place of birth France
Nationality French
Eye color Brown
Hair colour Brown
Job journalist

Biography of Julien Pasquet

Julien Pasquet was born on June 23, 1981 in France. He studied information and communication at the Sorbonne University. He earned a master’s degree and then started journalism. He started his career with SportFM radio in 2004. Later, he joined Sporever, France 3 and Eurosport. In 2007, he became a journalist and presenter for Orange Sports Info. He started his career at Cnews (formerly iTele) in 2009. It hosts various sports programs such as Knowledge Forum By Maya Lauque, 1:00 footballsports chroniclesmorning information, morning weekend or don’t touch my sport. Currently, he is the head of the show. Evening Information.

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Julien Pasquet
Julien Pasquet
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Julien Pasquet: his private life

Julien Pasquet is very careful about his private life. It does not disclose any details on social networks. But we do know that he was married to journalist Emilie Broussouloux for five years before they split up. Today everyone went their own way.

Emilie Broussouloux and Julien Pasquet

The two sports journalists have been a couple for five years. Emilie Broussouloux is the host of JT Sports. Both sports enthusiasts lived a paradise before their divorce. They do not have children together. Neither of the two protagonists has made a statement about the reasons for the divorce. Emilie Broussouloux has been married to Thomas Hollande, the eldest son of Ségolène Royal and François Hollande, since 2018. They have two children together, Jeanne (2019) and Noé (2021). By the way, Julien Pasquet recently became a father.

Julien Pasquet is a father.

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The news was leaked by Pascal Praud on the set of Cnews. “And how is the boy?” », she asks him. Julien Pasquet tries to keep his professionalism on this question. He answers: “Pascal, people are not interested in privacy”. Before continuing: “She is wonderfully well and kisses you. I take this opportunity to kiss her and tell her how much I love her.. Pascal Praud continues his momentum and reveals the age of Julien’s son, adding: Is he already listening to you at six months old? “. This short exchange shows that Julien Pasquet is the father of a small child. But he doesn’t say anything about it anymore.

Pascal Praud and Julien Pasquet
Pascal Praud and Julien Pasquet
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Julien Pasquet, a famous journalist

Julien Pasquet studied information and communication. He started as a trainee at SportFM in 2004. Later, he made a name for himself on television, where he worked as a freelancer. He worked for Eurosport in 2005 and then France Télévisions in 2006. He became a reporter and presenter in 2007. knowledge sport+. From 2007 to 2009, he presented sports news on Orange Sports Info before joining Cnews in 2009. He took part in various national and international sporting events, including the Tour de France, the Olympic Games and the World Football Championship. Check out some of their shows below.

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don’t touch my sport

This sports program airs on C8 (formerly D8) from November 2015 to November 2016. The principle is to comment on sports news. Presented by Estelle Denis. Julien Pasquet is one of the historians of this show, including Raymond Aabou.

1:00 football

This very complete sports program with a focus on football details the news about the round ball. It includes analysis, interviews and reports. Football fan Julien Pasquet is co-hosting this show with his sidekick Pascal Praud.

Evening Information

This program aired on Cnews returns to the news of the day. Guests regularly intervene to comment and analyze these news stories. They explore why and how actions happen, while contributing their personal ideas. Julien Pasquet is at the helm and is hosting the show.

julienne cake
Julien Pasquet
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Julien Pasquet on six points

  1. How old is Julien Pasquet? 41 years old.
  2. What is the origin of Julien Pasquet? Julien Pasquet is French.
  3. How long has Julien Pasquet been working for Cnews? The journalist has been working with Cnews since 2009.
  4. Is Julien Pasquet in a relationship? Yes, Julien Pasquet is having an affair, but he’s being very secretive.
  5. What is the relationship between Emilie Broussouloux and Julien Pasquet? Emilie Broussouloux and Julien Pasquet were married but divorced.
  6. Is Julien Pasquet the father? Yes, Julien Pasquet has a young son.