Blizzard presented the new extension to World of Warcraft: Dragonflight

It was released in 2004, World of Warcraft they put their followers through all their states. between unconditional love Wrath of the Lich Kingflame legion or brutal disappointment shadows, each expansion has left its mark on the history of Blizzard’s MMORPG in its own way. After a particularly disappointing passage, players have been waiting for Blizzard on their return today for the future to unfold. World of Warcraft. And the studio responded, presented Dragon flight.

Return to Azeroth with Dragon Aspects!

In a long presentation, key names from the studio talked about the future of the game. In this new addition, Draconic Aspects returns and they want to reclaim the place of Azeroth’s guardians. Players will thus be able to explore a legendary region up to level 70: Dragon Islands

  • Awakening Coast
  • Ohn’ara Plains
  • La Travee Azure
  • Taldraszu

In addition to these new areas, Blizzard is promising new dungeons and new raids as always. We don’t know much more about the story right now, but despite the dragon wings surrounding us, the threat needs to be more realistic. Get out then like cosmic enemies Argus, N’Zoth Where guard.

It will be possible to ride on the back of a dragon from the very beginning of the adventure to explore this world! This marks a big change compared to recent expansions where air movements were blocked for an extended period of time or there were missions to complete. Thanks to a new skill tree, players will learn to perform many maneuvers such as dive dives, turns. Also the big news is that according to the developers it will be possible to customize your dragon in a unique way.

A new class of heroes

Hero classes have a special role. These have always been a particular element of the set in which they appear: Death Knight with the Lich King or Demon Hunter with Illidan. Blizzard therefore seized the opportunity it provided. dragon flight and decided to introduce a new hero class:The stimulating Dractyr!

One small trait, this class will go hand in hand with a single dragon-inspired race. These will have a form between humanoid and dragon. For those wearing mesh armor, this class can take on the role of ranged DPS or healer, which will relieve many raid leaders. By choosing this class, the player can integrate the faction of his choice after a series of quests that introduce them to the universe.


Overhaul of talent and vocation systems, a makeover in the interface

While the skill system has been greatly simplified for many years (RIP on my 0/31/20 on my vanilla affliction mage), players have been complaining that they no longer have any real customization. After reviewing the players, Blizzard decided to return this selection with a much more advanced system so that we could do a small preview. Thus, it will be possible to make systems a little more hybrid, which can unlock interesting possibilities for players.

Wow DragonFlightTalent

Regarding professions, the studio will introduce new features that will allow crafters to create even more powerful objects. It will even be possible to order at the auction house by offering a commission to the master who made your armor.

The interface will also improve. Blizzard decided to make it more customizable by changing the position, size, and even presence of items. We know a few plugin developers who should ask questions for the future.

You can find the cinematic teaser trailer here. dragon flight With a distinguished guest below alexstrasza.