BMW X7 (2022). Reshaping and electric motors for the big SUV


At the end of 2018, the BMW SUV range was enriched with an XXL variant called the X7. A model designed to swallow miles of great American plains in comfort worthy of a limousine. After a career of just over four years, the German manufacturer offers its rival the Mercedes GLS and Audi Q7 its first restyling. The innovation is visible at first glance: The headlights are now split in two.

BMW X7 3/4 front
The optics in the lower part are immersed behind a dark mask, as if to blend into the decor.

A new light signature for the X7

BMW X7 headlights
The headlights are now doubled.

At the top are position lights, daytime running lights and indicators, while at the bottom – in a darker body, as if to better blend into the decor – there are low-beam and high-beam headlights (Matrix LED technology). Intersecting with competitors such as Skoda or Citroën, this coquetry is set to be implemented in BMW. Indeed, the new 7 Series, introduced on May 20, will also adopt this distinctive mark, which indicates that the propeller-owning company has therefore prioritized its premium models.

Among other new features, note the presence of a backlit grille and new shields, whose vertical slats appear less prominent than in the past. On the back, the manufacturer has revised the light signature with a three-dimensional design. The chrome strip between the lights is now placed under a transparent element. It contributes to highlighting the vehicle’s width, which is still 2.22m (including mirrors).

BMW X7 rear
The chrome strip between the lights has been redesigned. Less flashy…
BMW X7 rear light detail
… and it makes the car feel wider. Yet nothing has changed.

A modernized control panel

Inside, BMW has modernized the dashboard. The X7 also presents the double curved digital panel of the new BMW iX. For the record, the screen behind the meters peaks at 12.3 inches and that of the infotainment system at 14.9 inches. The German manufacturer also took advantage of reshaping to improve the vents. and its extensions (passenger-facing), integrate an ambient lighting strip with the integrated X7 logo (or M for sports trims). The traditional automatic shift lever in the center console gives way to manual gear control.

BMW X7 instrument cluster
The X7’s instrument cluster has been redesigned and includes the dual digital panel launched by the iX.
BMW X7 ambient lighting
Ambient lighting emerges after the new air vents.

On the equipment side, the catalog has been further enriched. In addition to the four-zone automatic climate control, leather upholstery, adaptive air suspension and panoramic glass roof, BMW now offers as standard:

  • heated comfort seats for the driver and front passenger,
  • a sports leather steering wheel with paddle shifter,
  • a new induction charger,
  • a GPS with augmented reality screen.
BMW X7 comfort seat
Leather comfort seats are now standard.
BMW X7 6 seater
The X7 is still offered in a 7- or 6-seat version (pictured).

The X7 still offers two configurations: 6 or 7 seats. Rows 2 and 3 will also benefit from heated seats thanks to a new optional package. Fitted as standard, the 20” SUV may also come with a 23” trim directly from the factory. Unmatched in BMW!

BMW X7 taillights
The lights have a new three-dimensional light signature.

In the driving aids catalogue, the X7 can now both recognize traffic and warn the driver if there is a risk of collision with cyclists, pedestrians or oncoming vehicles when changing direction. The SUV also warns passengers when a shock is predictable when opening a door. Finally, on the best-equipped versions, the parking assistant – and that of the trailer – now remembers the last 200 meters the vehicle has traveled during a manoeuvre.

For those who love new technologies, BMW adds a new option to its catalog: Digital Key Plus. It allows them to lock or unlock X7 directly with their Smartphone (Apple iPhone).

new electric motors

BMW X7 M60i xDrive
An M60i xDrive version with a 530 hp electric V8 is available in France.

Under the hood, BMW offers three blocks, now electric*: two petrol and one diesel. The X7 xDrive 40i (380 hp) will not be available for sale in France. Only the M60i xDrive version will be marketed with us, the strongest and most efficient with the special M chassis. Its biturbo V8 still develops 530 hp, although it is now equipped with mild hybrid technology (48V). It will be supplemented by an xDrive 40d diesel version as it is today. Benefiting from micro-hybridisation, this version is no longer 340 but delivers 352 hp with a torque that can reach 720 Nm. All engines are associated with an eight-speed Steptronic Sport transmission with paddle shifter. steering wheel and a “Sprint” function.

Marketing in August 2022

BMW X7 M60i xDrive price
The price of this sportier version starts at 133,500 euros.

Assembled in Spartanburg, South Carolina, the BMW X7 will be launched in August 2022. It should start soon after its arrival in France, as the manufacturer has already announced prices for the SUV. Available only with 4-wheel drive, the X7 is on display from €101,900 (xDrive40d). Starting at €133,500 for the X7 M60i, known for its more elaborate body kit. Prices excluding ecological malus.

*electric motor mounted on the crankshaft and integrated into the transmission