Bordeaux International Fair: “Tutankhamun’s Treasure” exhibition event!


Between 21-29 May, the Bordeaux International Fair takes its visitors on an incredible journey through time with the “Tutankhamun’s Treasure” exhibition event.

More than 3,300 years after his reign, talk of Tutankhamun continues. The pharaoh’s treasure was never looted, Indiana Jones’ discovery of his tomb and his tragic fate made this boy king, who died before the age of 20, a pharaoh-superstar. Exactly 100 years after its discovery, the exhibition “Tutankhamun’s Treasure” returns to his tomb to share an extraordinary collection of more than 1,000 pieces with as many people as possible. pharaohs. most important.

Rendezvous with the most immortal of the pharaohs

Egypt will accompany the visitor step by step with surprising, cultural, educational, entertaining stops and relaxing breaks with flavors from elsewhere…: archaeological excavation, mummification or hieroglyphic writing workshops, belly dances and music… and on the high point a pharaoh on 25 May is overhead for the night. fireworks show.

Start daydreaming and prepare to be immersed! “THE TREASURE OF TUTANCHAMUN” has been revealed! It took six years of work to prepare and perfect this exhibit. The 1000 staged replicas perfectly represent the masterpieces of the painters, goldsmiths, engravers, scribes and other carpenters responsible for equipping and decorating the young pharaoh’s final resting place. All of the work carried out by the artists and workers of the Cairo workshops under the direction of Atef Abdel Shafi and the Cairo Museum curator, Ibrahim El Gawad, are made in 1 scale with the same exterior materials and the same details as the originals. corruption.

Tutankhamun’s mummy, which will lie forever in tomb KV62 in the Valley of the Kings, obviously does not exist, but his collection is breathtaking. From the legendary golden mask to the toys of his childhood, from the chariots, the funeral beds or the travel bag in the afterlife, the “Tutankhamun’s Treasure” is a unique opportunity to admire this jewel. World heritage site rarely presented outside of Egypt. .

New edition of Bordeaux International Fair

True to its history and the spirit of the great trade fairs, the Foire Internationale de Bordeaux is above all a unique space for traders and contacts. Its offering takes pride in everyday products and the art of living in the South-West. If the mix of genres is at the center of this vast temporary showroom of 150,000 m², the gathering aims to respond to new consumption and purchasing practices by organizing around three main universes, HABITAT, ART OF LIVING, GASTRONOMY, with 800 participants.

Besides the Village des Sports, which hosts forty sports leagues for 9 days and a program full of initiations and demonstrations … The Fair is enriched with new Villages:

► New Mobility Village ELECTRIC SHOW, May 26-29: discovery and testing of new electric car and two-wheel drive modes.

► From 26 to 29 May Innovation Village: Sponsored by Foires de France as part of the “Trophée Gustave”, this promotes about fifteen companies from New Aquitaine offering innovative products or services.

From 21 to 29 May, with the “Salon de l’Agriculture de Nouvelle-Aquitaine”, the largest farm in the region, not forgetting to emphasize regional knowledge and excellence in agriculture and production, local products and men of the Earth. Events for the general public and professionals in the program: Espace Gastronomie, Farmers’ Market, Aquitanima, Equitaine…

Bordeaux International Fair

21-29 May 2022

Every day from 10:00 to 19:00 Late at night: until Wednesday, May 25, 22:30.

Parc des Expositions de Bordeaux – HALL 1 pre-sale for 3 €, then 6 € when the Fair opens (21 May).

It is free for children under 18, students, the disabled and their companions.

Special price of 2 € including tax for Work Councils and Groups of more than 10 people. All information about prices:

SPECIAL DAYS Elders’ Day – Tuesday, May 24 (60 and over free of charge)