Boris Johnson latest: Keir Starmer crowd ‘not provoked’ by PM’s Savile words

President condemns ‘shameful behavior’ towards Sir Keir Starmer

Boris Johnson resisted calls by his party MP Jimmy Savile to apologize for his defamation of Sir Keir Starmer after the Labor leader was taken to a police car for protection near Parliament on Monday.

Senior Conservatives, including a former cabinet minister, urged the Prime Minister to retract his comments and apologize.

But Technology Minister Chris Philp insisted that Mr Johnson could not be held responsible for the protesters’ actions.

“I don’t think you can point to what the Prime Minister said as the reason for this. “You certainly can’t blame him for the fact that this crowd was behaving in an absolutely unacceptable way.” “You absolutely cannot say that you incited, incited or justified in any way the harassment and intimidation we saw last night. »

On Monday night, Metropolitan Police officers moved to protect the Labor leader as a group followed him and pursued Secretary of State David Lammy near Parliament.


Prime Minister’s comments ‘inflame opinion’, according to Lindsay Hoyle

More from Sir Lindsay Hoyle on last night’s event.

The Speaker of the House of Commons condemned the ‘shameful behavior’ towards Sir Keir Starmer and said last week he had made it clear that the Prime Minister’s comments were ‘inappropriate’.

Due to the allegations made by the Prime Minister in this parliament, news of harassment against the Leader of the Opposition came.

“Regardless of yesterday’s incident, I explained last week that the Prime Minister’s statements were not arbitrary, but inappropriate. As I said at the time, such comments only fuel ideas…not acceptable. Our words have consequences and we must always keep that in mind”.

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Speaker of the House of Commons requests ‘situation report’ from police

Speaker of the House of Commons Sir Lindsay Hoyle has requested a ‘Metropolitan Police situation report’ on the incident in which police had to rescue Labor leader Sir Keir Starmer from a crowd near Parliament.

Tom Batchelor8 February 2022 11:45


Britain will be asked to lift ban on hormone-processed beef to join key trade bloc, leaked memo

According to a leaked government memo, the UK will be asked to lift the hormone beef ban to fulfill its dream of joining a major post-Brexit trade bloc.

Ministers are hoping to be accepted into the 11-nation Comprehensive and Progressive Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP) agreement as they seek to mitigate the massive trade damage caused by exiting the EU.

But Canada raised the stakes by asking ‘research questions’ about the controversial issue of hormones in beef to boost meat production – London’s promise will remain with the ban.

Read more about the story here:

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Fresh calls for unexpected tax after BP’s unexpected drop

Shadow Chancellor Rachel Reeves tweets:

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‘Health of democracy’ at stake, Archbishop of Canterbury

Following Monday night’s harassment targeting Sir Keir Starmer, Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby tweeted that “the health of our democracy” was at stake.

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John Rentoul: Johnson knew he was summoning dark forces with Savile interpretation

Boris Johnson knew what he was doing when he accused Keir Starmer of not prosecuting Jimmy Savile. By Jean Rentoul.

We know this because she had a discussion with her advisors and they advised her not to. She went ahead and did it anyway.

The attempt by a small crowd to intimidate Starmer yesterday was not the direct result of the Prime Minister’s words, but added to the forces that aggravated such ugly scenes.

Read his full analysis here:

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Chris Philp: ‘There’s no way’ PM’s statements will drive protesters to target Starmer

Chris Philp says PM’s words have ‘no way’ leading protesters to target Starmer

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Lawyers say government illegally refuses to care for vulnerable youth

Lawyers say the government has unlawfully refused to care for vulnerable youth under new legislation.

A two-day trial in the Supreme Court, which begins Tuesday, will see the Department of Education unreasonably discriminate against 16- and 17-year-olds by enacting a secondary law that only protects children aged 15 and under.

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Burnham: ‘Leave Carrie Johnson out’

Manchester Labor Mayor Andy Burnham has said Carrie Johnson, who has been criticized for allegedly having influence over the Prime Minister’s wife’s decision-making at number 10, should be banned from politics.

The former secretary of culture and health said: ‘I don’t like some of the comments and the way things are dragged into it. The other half was filmed over the years, and that’s not pretty at all.

“They don’t ask that. Some might say Carrie Johnson is close to politics, but I don’t think that justifies her. Why women in politics get the most criticism, some of the worst abuse.

“It is wrong to go after the elect and those who make the decisions, to exclude wives, husbands and other parts. »

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The minister doubled down on Prime Minister Savile’s comments and accused the Labor Party of similar behavior

Northern Ireland Secretary Brandon Lewis defended the Prime Minister, who was criticized for falsely slandering Jimmy Savile.

Mr Lewis tried to draw a comparison with Labour’s Angela Rayner, who has been criticized for calling the Conservatives “scum”, arguing that those who linked Boris Johnson’s comment to the crowd last night were simply “to give them an excuse” to act this way.

He told Sky News: ‘We’ve seen it over the years, and we saw it at the end of last year when the VP of Labor used strange language that was also causing problems for some of our colleagues…

“What the Prime Minister was revealing, I think his statement was clear, I was in his bedroom when he did, I think it’s very clear when we look at the fact that someone at the top of an organization is responsible. What happens there, that was the Prime Minister’s argument. I think this is a fair and reasonable point.

“There’s no excuse for people to act like they did last night. We shouldn’t give them that excuse either.

Tom BatchelorFebruary 8, 2022 09:45