Britain’s latest energy strategy: Kwarteng to unveil nuclear plan – Reuters

Ministers say the plans will boost clean and affordable energy – but also support fossil fuel drilling in North Sea

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<p>Ministers say the plans will boost clean and affordable energy, but also support fossil fuel drilling in the North Sea</p>
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Ministers say the plans will boost clean and affordable energy, while also supporting fossil fuel drilling in the North Sea

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The UK government is set to announce its ambitions to harness hydrogen as it unveils plans for eight new nuclear power plants and long-awaited energy independence.

Ministers have pledged to increase “cleaner and affordable energy” through sources such as wind and solar, while continuing to drill for fossil fuels in the North Sea to support national energy production.

The new Energy Security Strategy is expected to be fully unveiled today. It comes as rising international gas prices are driving up UK household bills and the country is turning away from Russian oil in light of Ukraine’s invasion.

UK business secretary Kwasi Kwarteng acknowledged it would do little to mitigate rising fuel bills, while former energy watchdog Ofgem said the UK would “continue to be dependent on fossil fuels” in the short term.

Meanwhile, environmental groups have criticized the lack of action and a perceived focus on the industry on home insulation, which they say will help lower bills.


Minister admits strategy won’t solve cost-of-living crisis now

However, business secretary Kwasi Kwarteng acknowledged that an energy security strategy won’t do much to alleviate rising fuel bills.

“You’re right that the strategy is more of a three, four or five year mid-term response, but that doesn’t mean we can’t fix this problem,” he told Sky News.

“It’s really important that we have an energy strategy, an energy policy, which means we can have more security and independence next year. »

Zoe TidmanApril 7, 2022 9:27 am


PM says plan aims to make UK energy ‘cleaner, more affordable and safer’

Boris Johnson said the plan aims to make UK energy “cleaner, more affordable and safer”.

He said this comes in response to rising energy prices around the world, which have skyrocketed since the invasion of Ukraine.

Zoe Tidman7 April 2022 09:26


What else can we expect today?

The government has already announced the main topics of its energy strategy security plan, which will be fully announced today.

It will also include plans for:

  • Increase offshore wind capacity
  • New oil and gas projects in the North Sea
  • Heat pump investments to be made in the UK
  • Plans to increase solar home capacity

Zoe Tidman7 April 2022 9:19


What will be at the center of the new energy strategy?

The reinvigoration of nuclear power and the effort to harness hydrogen will be unveiled in a controversial new energy strategy – but calls for an end to the lockdown of onshore wind turbines will be rejected.

Boris Johnson will claim the long-delayed plan will reduce Britain’s vulnerability to ‘volatile international prices’ after Russia’s attack on Ukraine.

Rob MerrickOur deputy policy editor has the full story of what the Energy Security Strategy will include:

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Hello and welcome to our coverage of the UK’s long-awaited Strategic Energy Security Plan.

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