Busy summer break in Lyon Metropolis


One hundred recommended activities for the 2022 edition. From 27 June to 2 September 2022, the Métropole de Lyon offers a diverse program of events to the great men and women of Lyon, as part of the Métropole sports holidays (from 11 July to 12 August) and the Métropole summer zones (until 2 September). . ).

Theatre, dance, music, sports… A total of more than 160 activities are offered in 30 towns in the region.

Children aged 3 to 18 are the main stakeholders, as well as families with a rich program.

We are mobilizing our various systems throughout the region to support those who cannot go on holiday this year by offering physical, cultural or scientific activities. The aim is to ensure that children and families have an enjoyable and festive summer around the metropolis. ” Explain Bruno BernardPresident of the Lyon Metropolis.

Among the highlights:

– “I’m learning to swim” courses offered at several swimming pools (Bron, Décines-Charpieu, Lyon 9th and Villeurbanne);

– mobile sheep pastures (Caluire-et-Cuire and Vénissieux);

– theater and musical instrument manufacturing workshops (Fontaines-sur-Saône);

– rediscovering nature through the senses – family sensory walks (Écully les Sources);

– computer coding (Lyon 8to);

– e-sports (Bron and Rillieux-la-Pape);

– the “taïso” event (Saint-Fons);

– cave science (Jujurieux and Puits de Rappe cave in Ain);

– recycling wheel (Givors);

– Cycling at Citizen Holidays (Oullins);

– Woodstour concerts (Lyon 7, Meyzieu, Villeurbanne, Vaulx-en-Velin);

– poetic karaoke for young and old (Feyzin);

– with the intervention of karate, firefighters and police to initiate civil behavior (Lyon 3to).

There will be many new events in the program, including:

– time for ball (Givors), track and field (Décines-Charpieu), baseball (Décines-Charpieu), basketball for 3-5 year olds (Lyon 7)to), healthy basketball (Lyon 7to), theatrical treasure hunt (Vénissieux-Minguettes), break-dance (Givors), early learning fencing (parilly park), lightsaber fencing (parilly park), or fit football (Lacroix-Laval region).

Registrations will be received from 13 June 2022 for the events offered within the scope of the Métropole sports holidays.

activities can be free or paid according to family share (On the activities of the Métropole quartier d’été).

A wide variety of activities will take place in working-class neighborhoods (known as “City priority neighborhoods”) for the benefit of young people and families.

Métropole de Lyon, together with its partners CAF, Les Éclaireurs et scouteuses de France and outdoors Youth, will finance the activities and accommodation of children from around 3,500 families and child welfare institutions.

Adult block parties and family evenings are planned.
On the Rousseau plateau in Vaulx-en-Velin, in partnership with the municipal sports office of Vaulx-en-Velin, sports activities will be offered from 11 July to 12 August from 18:00 to 23:00. Various festive events will be held: a short film on sports for the launch on 11 July, a roller disco evening, a challenging Olympic evening on 26 July, etc.

Artistic interventions will be held at the heart of the Bron Terraillon and Parilly residences with the Pôle en scène association. Inside the condominium, it will be a matter of meeting residents to enable them to discover Brazilian sounds and rhythms, to try instruments and to share an artistic, enjoyable and cultural moment together.

Finally, With the support of Ephad en Jazz, City and Metropolis of Lyon led by JAZZ(s)RA, Elderly people will have pleasant moments at the concerts, which are planned to be held between 1 July and 21 September. In 2021, 60 concerts were held with 124 artists in 60 structures.

Full program and registration: