Cameroon: Has the match been repeated? expected decision

Algeria - Cameroon: was the match repeated?  expected decision

ALGERIA – CAMEROON FOOTBALL. Since Thursday, April 21, Fifa has been examining the appeal and the referee’s alleged errors after the Algeria-Cameroon game.

Since Thursday, April 21, Fifa has met from its headquarters in Zurich and is examining the Algerian Football Federation’s appeal after the Algeria-Cameroon match and the “corruption” accusations of Gambia referee Bakary Gassama. If the decision can interfere at any time, the decision can be returned within two weeks. To put the “pressure” on, a few supporters of the Fennecs went to Zurich for a few days.

“In line with the advice of its legal counsel, the Algerian Football Federation has applied to FIFA for the examination of the complaint file regarding the Algeria – Cameroon match to be played on 29 March 2022. FIFA World Cup Qualification – Qatar 2022, by the FIFA Arbitration Committee”, a Contact from the example. “This request stems from the fact that the submitted grievance file is based on arguments and technical considerations related to arbitration that require it to be reviewed by a specialized body.”

Since then, several factors may suggest that a “corruption” could arise during this meeting. As a matter of fact, according to Egyptian media reports, Maher Genena said in a statement to the Egyptian sports channel OnTime Sports on April 15, “There is new evidence, VAR records have emerged in favor of Algerian football. These records will be important in the coming days.” . According to Omsac, the report of the German referees ‘VAR’ proved via audio and video that ‘referee Bakary Gassama deliberately refused to respond to warnings about the need to return to VAR to confirm and decide bad referee decisions. Omsac said, “From the elements recorded by our experts from the investigation department, it seems certain that there was corruption to reach the result we know,” said Omsac. “FIFA is under tremendous pressure and is trying to get out of this difficult situation. least damaged condition”.

Algeria – Cameroon Highlights

The reigning African champions will not be in Qatar to compete in the next World Cup. Still, that ticket for the next World Cup seemed to have been bought when Ahmed Touba finally cheated on an almost impenetrable AndrĂ© Onana on Tuesday, March 29. The Ajax Amsterdam goalkeeper has long disgusted Algerian players who looked for the mistake and eventually found it in overtime with an incredible result. But it had been a time of brutal regulation for the Fennecs before. It’s cruel because Djamel Belmadi’s men have returned to this Algeria – Cameroon. Confident of their success in the first leg in Cameroon (1-0), Riyad Mahrez and his teammates directly revealed their offensive intentions. But they were not rewarded. After a few harmless attempts at Onana’s cages, rival goalkeeper Rais Mbolhi will come forward in the worst possible way. Indeed, the Algerian goalkeeper accidentally hit teammate Aissa Mandi after a corner and released the ball, giving former Parisian Choupo-Moting the opportunity to return his selection to Fennecs in both matches (22nd). Then it follows Algerian dominance for almost the entire game. Onana then switches to wall mode and doesn’t let anything get through. Mbolhi imitates him with an outstanding double parry in the 69th minute. But gradually the Algerian goalkeeper leaves the star to Cameroon. AndrĂ© Onana disgusts Mahrez, Bennacer and even Slimani with successive parades. Even when he was beaten with a header from Slimani in the 98th minute, VAR intervened and canceled the handball goal from the former Monegasque. Algeria’s goal will come from Ahmed Touba, who for just a few minutes capsized the boiling Mustapha-Tchaker stadium in Blida in the second half of extra time (118th). Indeed, Algeria thought they could hold their ticket thanks to this goal, but it was without trusting Lyonnais Karl Toko-Ekambi, who, after a subtle deviation from Ngadeu, came to punish the Fennecs for lack of clarity in the final seconds. meeting (120 + 4). The Blida stadium had never seen a defeat for Algeria. This Tuesday, March 29, the fans present at the enclosure experienced the first and certainly the worst of Djamel Belmadi’s selection, which will be swept away from the 2022 World Cup in favor of Rigobert Song’s Cameroonians.