Cases increased in China, Rio dropped the mask

UPDATE ON THE SITUATION – New measures, new reports and highlights: Le Figaro Provides an update on the latest developments in the Covid-19 pandemic.

Case summit in China, Moderna, which will establish a factory in Kenya, the end of the mask in Rio… Le Figaro Provides an update on the latest information regarding the Covid-19 pandemic on Monday, March 7th.

Increase in cases in China

More than 500 infections were reported in mainland China on Monday; this is the highest number since the first outbreak in the central city of Wuhan was contained in mid-2020. Currently implementing a zero-Covid policy, the country is responding to epidemic outbreaks with control of its population through local restrictions, mass testing and monitoring practices. Authorities are currently trying to contain outbreaks in more than a dozen cities.

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Rio drops the mask, including indoors

Eduardo Paes, the mayor of the first capital of a state in Brazil, announced on Monday that wearing masks inside or outside is no longer mandatory in Rio de Janeiro. This measure has been made possible by the decline in the number of contamination and deaths linked to Covid-19 across the country in recent weeks.

“A decree published in the extraordinary issue of the Official Gazette this afternoon ends the mandatory wearing of masks both indoors and outdoors.”Eduardo Paes announced on Twitter at the end of the meeting of the scientific committee responsible for guiding municipal health policy during the pandemic. “We can also end the health transition when 70% of the city population gets their booster dose”, added.

Bali relaxes entry rules

Indonesia’s tourist island of Bali on Tuesday lifted quarantine for vaccinated travelers from more than 20 countries and reinstated visas on arrival for vacationers as the country reopened. This easing of restrictions comes after the wave of infections with the Omicron variant in the Southeast Asian archipelago has decreased and some international airlines have resumed direct flights to Indonesia in recent weeks.

Expats flee Hong Kong

Facing the chaos associated with the Omicron variant, more than 71,000 people left Hong Kong in February, a record since the start of the pandemic, including 63,000 residents. Foreign workers make up about 8% of Hong Kong’s population, and some expatriates are leaving for fear of being separated from their children if they contract the coronavirus. In recent weeks, cases of young children abducted from their parents to be placed in solitary confinement after testing positive have been reported. Since the start of the pandemic, the city of 7.4 million has implemented a strict “zero-covid” policy as it has recorded just 12,000 cases in two years. But since Omicron emerged in January, the number of infections has now exploded, with tens of thousands of daily cases.

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Moderna to set up Africa’s first vaccine factory in Kenya

American vaccine manufacturer Moderna announced the construction of the first African vaccine factory in Kenya on Monday, after signing a preliminary agreement with the country that allows for the production of 500 million doses per year. The company plans to invest $500 million (460 million euros) in this factory, which will produce messenger RNA vaccines for the entire African continent, and it is still largely missing the doses to fight Covid-19.

“The fight against the Covid-19 pandemic over the past two years has been a reminder of the work needed to ensure equitable access to health. Moderna is determined to be part of the solution”“Moderna hopes this factory will start distributing the Covid-19 vaccine in Africa next year with the aim of increasing vaccine coverage in countries least protected against the virus,” Stephane Bancel, Managing Director, said in a press release.

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close to 6 million dead

The pandemic has officially killed at least 5,996,378 people out of more than 444 million confirmed contaminations worldwide since the end of December 2019, according to a report by AFP at 11:00 GMT on Tuesday. The USA is the country with the most deaths (958,621), ahead of Brazil (652,143) and India (515,102). However, relative to population, the countries that caused the most havoc are Peru, Bulgaria (515), Bosnia and Herzegovina (473), Hungary (458) and North Macedonia (436), with 640 deaths per 100,000 people. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that the impact of the pandemic could be two to three times greater than officially determined, taking into account the excess death rate directly and indirectly linked to Covid-19.