Charlene of Monaco falls ill again, the palace makes an alarming statement about the princess

Charlène of Monaco, who has recently returned to The Rock, has tested positive for Covid-19, announced in a press release from the Principality. Naturally, Saray reveals that the princess, whose symptoms seem very mild, is not “worrying” about her state of health. “In accordance with the current sanitary rules, Princess Charlene will observe a period of isolation of several days,” the princely palace said. Do you want to learn more? We’ll explain more details in the next few paragraphs!

Charlene of Monaco: A review of the latest events affecting her!

Princess Charlene of Monaco, Selected in South Africa for months of being a victim of an ENT infection. He then went to a private clinic in Switzerland to rest. She eventually returned to Monaco for Easter on April 17, 2022, and showed up with her husband and twins Jacques and Gabriella (7).

Since then, Monegasque has multiplied its looks to the delight of fans.
In addition to the case of Charlene of Monaco, Prince of Monaco II. Albert also contracted coronavirus for the first time at the start of the outbreak in 2020, before testing positive for Covid-19 again last April. And despite this vaccine! As a reminder, the Principality of Monaco has withdrawn the requirement to wear masks outside due to the decline in contamination as well as the mild symptoms now associated with the Omicron variant. Despite everything, Prince Albert continues to wear mask in health institutions, elderly accommodation, public transport and taxis!

A new blow for the princess!

The day before this announcement from the palace, the prince was crowned Queen Elizabeth II, who is currently celebrating her platinum anniversary in London. He had sent Elizabeth his best wishes. So she sent an official post. Friday, June 3, 2022 at Buckingham Palace. “In honor of your platinum jubilee, Princess Charlene of Monaco, the people of Monegask and I would like to send you our most sincere congratulations,” said Jacques and Gabriella’s father.

After that had health problems For several months, Princess Charlene of Monaco again had to deal with illness. The principality actually announced on Saturday, June 4th, that Prince Albert II’s wife had tested positive for Covid-19. A press release from the prince’s palace said, “Princess Charlene of HSH, who showed few symptoms, tested positive for Covid-19”!

Charlene of Monaco: Woman holds her head high

Charlene of Monaco after a long absence for health reasons came back at The Rock last March. In an interview with the Nice-Matin newspaper on May 25, he admitted that his health is “still fragile” but tests positive: “I don’t want to go too fast. The road has been long, difficult and very painful. Today I feel calmer,” he admitted. it did!

As of May 12, the obligation to wear masks in closed areas has been eliminated in Monaco, except for health institutions, accommodation facilities for the elderly and public transport. More Infected 12 thousand people By Covid-19, with a total population of 40,000 in the Principality since the beginning of the epidemic, including Charlene of Monaco. As of May 28, the incidence of coronavirus was 147 per 100,000!