Charlene of Monaco has a new illness, this announcement has just dropped…

Charlene of Monaco continues to flow ink through the press. Whether he’s there or not, there always seems to be a reason behind his every move to imagine the worst. Frankly, her status as a Rock Princess isn’t helping matters. Her Majesty Jacques and Gabriella’s mother is as hated as she is admired as she is envied. Thus, even if he is facing health problems, the press does not save him from all the rumors that may arise about him. Rumors spread very quickly, given the popularity of Princess Charlene of Monaco. Also, a recent press release announced that Prince Albert II’s wife is suffering from the Covid-19 virus. The palace calls to worry but objeko Do not hide from you that the people are already on the alert…

Charlène of Monaco falls ill again, isolated from family

If the public is already worried, it’s because Prince II. Albert’s wife has been scaring them lately. Indeed, it all started with Charlène de Monaco’s last trip to South Africa. The return dates have been announced, but have continued to be postponed. Rumors of separation and divorce immediately circulated over the Monegasque princely couple. After all, it was the princess’s health that was at stake. The victim of a serious infection of the ENT sphere, could not fly. She then had to decide to seek treatment away from her children and husband, surrounded by a media whirlwind that only talked about her possible future divorce. His recovery was long and painful.

When he finally returned from South Africa, he had not yet returned to the Palace. While the official version indicated that Charlene of Monaco still needed rest and care, the rumors then continued with renewed vigor. Some even said that he was held in a psychiatric hospital! Under these conditions, objeko Of course, it is impossible not to worry about the princess. However, she finally came back to appear with a smile on her husband’s arm for official events. No matter how fit the public was to believe the wildest rumors, only in the end could they accept reassurance. But now he did not expect another blow to the health of Charlene of Monaco.

A press release announcing the people of Monegask and the entire world that Prince Albert II’s wife was forced to isolate herself again. Tested positive for the Covid-19 virus, must comply with applicable health protocol. “In accordance with the applicable health rules, Princess Charlene will observe a period of isolation of several days. »Can we read? All by remembering that therefore there is no need to worry. But will this advice Charlene of Monaco fans know how to follow? Nothing is less sure…

The public dreams the worst, the Palace tries to calm things down

Frankly, it’s hard to believe that everything will be fine for the princess, after all the health issues that have plagued Charlene of Monaco’s daily life. While the Covid-19 virus is less deadly at this time of year, it’s not easy for fans to imagine him getting sick again. Indeed, it took months for Her Majesty Jacques and Gabriella’s mother to recover from her ENT ball infection. As well as the complications that arise. Who knows the latter might not be able to complicate things now that he is suffering from the Covid-19 virus? objeko If he gives it to you, no one can confirm it.

So, even though Saray wants to reassure, those who love Charlene from Monaco leave their minds wandering. As always, they are preparing for the worst. Fortunately, other significant events for the entire world may distract our attention for a moment from the health of Prince Albert II’s wife. We are especially considering the official communiqué aimed at celebrating the Queen of England on the anniversary of her reign. A press release from Monaco that does not forget to quote Charlène, despite the isolation imposed by the current health protocol.

“In honor of your platinum anniversary, Princess Charlene, the people of Monaco and I would like to express our most sincere congratulations. Celebrating the 70th anniversary of your reign is a sign for the whole world to recognize your tireless and selfless dedication to the British nation and the peoples of the Commonwealth, as well as your leadership in many areas at the international level. opportunity. »Can we read? Finally, Monacos hold their breath as they await news from Charlene of Monaco.